Cosmetics are an essential part of Free Fire that players want to do have as many as possible to add to their collection. They often find Elite Pass a great method to obtain them and the rarity of some items in the first phases has spiraled over time.

The developers often release an Elite Pass at the start of the month and it’s usually available till the end of the month. They can give you various sets of themed rewards if you progress through it on a regular basis. The newest Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 began on November 1 and follows the Inferno Rage theme.

Here’s when it will end and some collected leaks for Elite Pass Season 43 from grapevines.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 End Date
When is Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 end date and what will season 43 offer?

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 end date

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 end date will be November 30 after one month of duration similar to previous elite passes. Until the expiration day, Free Fire players can complete multiple daily and weekly missions, hence obtaining badges and reaching up to higher ranks amongst the vast community.

Moreover, gamers can get every reward by purchasing the Elite Pass for 499 diamonds or the Elite Bundle with the cost of 999 diamonds. It is worth mentioning that you can only get one of these bundles, so be careful before you get to the final decision.

Some of the most exciting and sought-after goodies are the Flaring Beast Bundle at 225 badges, 'Beastly Wrath backpack' at 200 badges, 'Beastly Wrath Skyboard' at 100 badges, and 'Burning Horns Bundle' at 50 badges.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42
Among the many items offered in the Elite Pass season 42, Flaring Beast Bundle is one of the most faves.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 leaks

After there is the official end date for Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42, the latest leaks regarding Free Fire Elite Pass 43 have also surfaced. Check out some of the items that are named to be appearing in the near future:

  • Grenade Poker Monarch
  • Poker Tyranny Jacket
  • Poker's Tyranny T-Shirt
  • Jeweled Hearts Bundle
Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 Leaks
Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 leak image.
  • Poker Monarch Blade
  • Plasma Joker
  • Dummy Monarch Loot Box
  • Poker Monarch Backpack
  • Crowned Spades Bundle

Players may view a comprehensive list of rewards in the video above. However, these are leaks, and gamers will have to wait and see whether these items find their way into the game.

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