Free Fire's last big international tournament of the year, Free Fire Asia Championship 2021, has just concluded. Vietnamese team HQ Esports becomes champion after a very close race. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Grand Finals

1. About Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Results

HQ Esports win 3 out of 7 matches and accumulated 86 points in total. This makes them the winner of the tournament, taking home $80k in prize money and the title of the best Free Fire team in the continent.

The tournament was dominated by Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesian teams. Indian teams did not do very well in the play-ins and were eliminated.

Free Fire Asia Championship 2021
Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Champion

Outside of the matches they won, HQ Esports actually played pretty poorly. This is why the runner up, the Indonesian team GPX, is only 2 points behind. Thailand squad CGGG came in third with 79 points, continued their good run from the play-ins.

Prize pool distribution
Prize pool distribution of FFAC 2021

India's only representative team Elite started poorly but managed to mount a comeback in the final two matches. They got to eighth place, scored 49 points in total. The other South Asia team, Hotshot Esports from Pakistan, scored only 16 points and finished in last place.

With its 8th spot, Team Elite won $15k in prize money.

2. Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Grand Finals recap

  • The first match on Bermuda was won by HQ Esports with a dominant 11 kills. Its star fragger ThaiSon becomes MVP with 4 kills. The second place is eArena from Thailand, with a kill score of 9.
  • Kalahari was the battlefield of the second match. Team Heavy from Vietnam took the top spot with 13 kills. Burst the Sky, another Vietnamese team, came second with 6 kills.
  • The third match of the day was claimed by GPX Esports, with 8 kills. However, CGGG scored the most kills in the match - they have a total of 16 frags.

At the end of the third match, CGGG was leading the points table with 45 points. Team Heavy was pretty close behind with only 37. Team Elite was stuck in the last place with only three points to their name. This is one of the worst starts that the Indian squad has ever gotten.

Final Standings
Final Standings of FFAC 2021
  • The 4th and 5th match of the day was claimed by HQ Esports with 9 and 15 kills, respectively. This gave them the lead to win the tournament in the end. HQ.Artemis and HQ.Thaison became MVP with 4 and 5 frags, respectively.
  • GPX Esports rise again in the sixth match of the day, scoring 9 kills and gaining Booyah. Team Elite managed to crawl their way to the top with 5 frags and a third-place finish.
  • The final match of the tournament, the seventh, was claimed by team Elite. They scored 8 frags, with 5 kills contributed by RDP alone. This victory is a little bit too late, as they could definitely have scored higher if they perform like this in the previous rounds.

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