Character skills and pet skills are both important in Free Fire. By using a character with the right pet, players would be able to gain a big advantage in fights. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 best character and pet combinations in Free Fire.

1. Chrono or Active skill + Rockie

Rockie is an essential pet to use in Free Fire, especially for characters with long cooldown active skills like Chrono. At max level, Rockie's Stay Chill reduces your active skill's CD by 15%. While this does not seem too significant, for a character with ultra long cooldown like Chrono (~200s), 15% is very valuable.

Rockie allows you to cast your key ability faster.

With the pet equipped, players would be able to use their active skills more often. Lower CD means more heal (in the case of Alok or Xayne) or more frequent combat (in the case of Chrono). Only active skills get their CD reduced, however. Stay Chill does not affect passives.

2. Alok or Rusher character + Falco

Falco is probably the most underestimated pet in the game. It allows the player and their team to land on the map twice as fast. Landing first gets a lot of advantages in Free Fire, as you would be able to loot first and ambush people who came after you.

Falco Pet
Falco is almost useless outside of squad mode.

However, Falco is rather useless if players do not want to land on hot drops and aim for a further spot on the map instead. Upon landing, it might be a good idea to turn on Alok's skill for the bonus movement speed and begin to loot the area.

3. Skyler + Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor is the most popular pet in Free Fire based on a reveal a few months ago. His ability provides players with Gloo wall grenades, an essential defensive tool in the game. If users have less than one Gloo in their inventory, Mr. Waggor would spawn one for free, with a cooldown of 100 seconds.

Mr Waggor Pet
Mr. Waggor is the most popular pet in the game.

Skyler's ability is tied to Gloo walls. The skill has two components: the first one damages enemy gloo walls... while the second one regenerates your HP based on the number of walls you have created nearby.

4. K or A124 + Ottero

Healing skills are very important in Free Fire. They allow players to gain more HP in combat, which might actually save them from death occasionally. Ottero boosts the healing players gain from a Medkit and convert them into EP.

Ottero is the best healer amongst character and pet combinations in Free Fire.

The extra EP can be consumed by K and a124's ability. The former has a 500% increase EP conversion rate in the Jiu-Jitsu mode, while the latter converts 60 EP to HP in 4 seconds.

5. Jota + Detective Panda

Jota is one of the most aggressive characters in Free Fire. His skill "sustained raids" allows him to replenish HP while hitting enemies with bullets. Furthermore, upon dispatching an enemy, players will gain an extra 20% HP.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda just gives you more HP after a kill.

This synergizes fairly well with the Detective Panda, which provides 10 HP on a kill. Players would be able to regenerate at least 50 HP for each kill.

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