Team leaders in Free Fire need to master all weapons and ranges of gunfights. They often have the most comprehensive skills and understandings. Check out the top 5 weapon combos in Free Fire and choose the best main and backup guns for team leaders.

#1. AWM + M1887

AWM is always the best sniper rifle in Free Fire with superhigh headshot damage. It's also one of the best guns for headshots in long-range combat with a long effective range. Moreover, you can make it more effective and powerful by using proper skins and attachments.

M1887 is the best shotgun for face-to-face situations and close combat. You can take the opponent down with a quick shot to his head or body. It makes you become an unstoppable force on the battleground. With one of the most powerful weapon combos in Free Fire like this, in-game leaders can cover all ranges and dominate all situations.

M1887 is an OP shotgun in Free Fire.

#2. GROZA + MAG-7

Groza is definitely the best assault rifle in Free Fire with high damage, a large ammo mag, various attachment slots, and a good range of gunfight. It's one of the best guns for Free Fire leaders to cover all ranges of fights.

When you combine it with a MAG-7 shotgun, this gun combo lets you clutch some teams easily and quickly to lead your team to victory. Especially, you will dominate all close gunfights with this gun combo.

Free Fire Groza
Groza is the best AR for in-game leaders.

#3. SKS + M500

Free Fire SKS is an alternative long-range rifle for players who are not good at bolt-action SRs like AWM. Although this semi-sniper rifle has lower hit damage than AWM, it's still powerful due to its higher rate of fire.

Besides, you can fix your wrong shot with an accurate shot immediately without a long delay between two shots like AWM. Then, gear up your character with the OP pistol M500 to back up when you come to a face-to-face gunfight. Don't underestimate pistols in this game.

Sks Free Fire
SKS is another choice for in-game leaders of Free Fire.

#4. UMP + M14

UMP and M14 combination is one of the most favorite weapon combos in Free Fire, especially for in-game leaders. It's because this combo has the most stable close-range gun and most accurate AR for a headshot in this game. You can land accurate headshots when using M14 in both short and mid-range engagement.

Besides, UMP is the most stable and reliable SMG for close combat. In addition, this SMG is very powerful with high ammo penetration. You can easily break the armor set of enemies to deal more damage.

#5. Kord + M79

Kord is by far the best LMG in Free Fire with an insane rate of fire. It's an ideal gun for leaders and supporters in your team. You can pin the opponent down in place while the fragger teammate will finish him. If you have a powerful fragger in your team, let's use an M79 to contribute damage and eliminate the whole opponent squad. Teamwork is also important in the squad mode.

Kord Free Fire
Kord is an OP LMG for team clutch.

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