Cobra Rage is a cool and stunning bundle in Free Fire that a lot of players anticipate. This game has many other amazing bundles which are similar to Cobra Rage in Free Fire 2021. Check out these stunning Free Fire bundles like Cobra Rage here.

#1. Galaxy Dino Bundles

Galaxy Dino is a favorite bundle of Free Fire characters in 2021. This incubator had returned to the game for players to obtain from the in-game shop. Galaxy Dino has a cool appearance with a dinosaur look and many color variants. You can expect this bundle to return to the game in the upcoming time.

Galaxy Dino
Galaxy Dino series.

#2. Criminal Bundles

Another favorite bundle like Cobra Rage is Criminal Bundle. The Criminal skin series also has many bundles with different colors the Cobra Rage bundle set. It's still available to obtain in this game now. You need to top up diamonds to purchase a Criminal bundle before it's removed from this game.

Criminal Bundles
Criminal bundles in Free Fire.

#3. Sakura Bundles

Like Cobra Rage, the Sakura bundle is also one of the most preferred bundles in Free Fire 2021. That's why it has been re-introduced in the game several times. This themed set has two bundles for male and female characters.

Sakura-themed Kitsune is the very first skin of all Free Fire's Elite Pass Bundles. These bundles were inspired by the traditional costumes in Japan. These amazing bundles will bring the festival breath to the battleground.

Sakura Bundles
Sakura bundles in Japan theme.

#4. Golden Threat Bundles

Golden Threat is the Spider's Nest incubator bundle introduced in Free Fire in July 2019. Like Cobra Rage, this bundle series also has many variants with different colors. Besides, it has a cool and breathtaking futuristic design. The glittering metal skin makes Golden Threat bundles make these sets look more powerful and reliable.

Spiders Nest
Spider's Nest incubators.

#5. Samurai Bundles

Samurai bundles were introduced as Blood Moon Incubators that also have many variants. These outfits also have exclusive effects and Emote that make your characters look cool and dangerous. It's also one of the most favorite bundles like Cobra Rage in Free Fire 2021.

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