Free Fire MAX has a lot of rewards in the Battle Royale (BR) mode and Clash Squad (CS) mode. But you need to reach the required ranks to get those rewards. Check out this guide on how to get Free Fire MAX season rewards in the shortest time.

#1. Complete All Daily Missions

Daily missions on Free Fire MAX are always recommended to get more rank points in Free Fire BR and CS modes. You need to complete all these missions to collect as many rank points as possible. These daily missions are often easy to do and earn more rank points to increase the tier and rank in this game.

Free Fire Season Rewards
Complete all daily missions to get Free Fire MAX season rewards soon.

#2. Prioritize Match Position

You need to prioritize the placement in each match and try to get to the top 10 to get plus points. If you die soon and finish the rank match early, you will get minus points. It may make you drop your tier and rank if it repeats again and again. Therefore, you have to prioritize the match position and try to get Booyah. If you land on a hot-drop location, try to win every fight.

Prioritize Position
Prioritize position to get plus points.

#3. Survive For Long

Not all players but only one team or one player can get Booyah in one match. But you can still get plus points if you try to survive for long. Although the survival point is not as high as Booyah points, you can keep ranking up when you maintain plus points after every march. The higher tier you reach, the more rewards you obtain.

Try To Survive
Try to survive

#4. Don't Play Too Passively

If you play too passive and ignore all kills, you will miss many easy kills for more rank points. Just ignore difficult enemies and engage when you encounter noobs. Getting easy kills makes you get Free Fire MAX season rewards earlier.

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