The ranked mode in Free Fire is not an easy mode as you will have to face people who have the same skill level as yourselves. That's why when you reach a certain tier, it will be really hard to rank up. You will need to get every single rank point you can get from every match you play.

Rank Ff
Free Fire has a total of 7 rank tiers

Here in this article, we will look into things that will give you Rank points in a match and how you can get as many points as possible.

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Rank points calculation

There are 3 elements that will determine the total rank points you can get from each match: Daily Mission Score, Rank Score, Battle Score.

Rank Points Free Fire
You can get a maximum of 19 Rank Score and 10 BAttle Score each match

Daily Mission Score

You can get points for finish daily missions in a match.

Rank Score

Rank Score is calculated based on your rank in a match when you die or get a Booyah. You can get a maximum of 19 points in a match by winning a Booyah.

Battle Score

Battle Score is calculated based on the amount of damage in a match. You can get a maximum of 10 points in a match by dealing at least 1000 damage.

How to get maximum rank points

Apart from the Daily Mission Score, you can get a maximum of 29 ranks points in each match by getting a Booyah and deal more than 1,000 damage. Both of them are pretty hard task so we here are some tips for you to make it easier.

  • Play on the edge of the safe zone: By doing this, you can be 90% sure that there will be no enemies behind your back.
  • Max Battle Points trick: Dealing 1,000 damage is quite a hard task, but you can do it easily if you are playing Duo or Squad. All you have to do is shot the red barrel and damage your own teammates. Of course, make sure to do that with your friends only so you don't get reported.
Free Fire Tips
You can get maximum Battle Points each match by killing your own teammates
  • Drag your aim up: This a very common technique to hit headshot. Just simply drag your fire button up when you are shooting enemies and your aim will snap at their head.

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