Free Fire just released a teaser called 'Time For Action'. The teasers introduce players to a 'dark alternated universe of Free Fire', where 2 twin Sori and Dua are trying to find their lost mother. The teasers also reveal an old Yamato, who we don't know that if he is a friend or foe. At the end of the teaser, we get to see a new male character with 2 eyes colors and a release date of November 18.

You can check out the teaser right below.

This video is just a teaser so it must be hard for you to understand what it is all about. Here, we will explain everything to you in this article.

Who are Sori and Dua?

If you feel like you have seen these 2 characters somewhere before then you are right because they appeared a few months ago in The Vengeance event. In the alternate universe, the Future Horizon faction has destroyed the village of the two twins so Sori and Dua have grown up to be skillful warriors to attack the Future Horizon faction.

They later found the 2 Scythe that was made by their mother and used them to revenge for her. However, the building collapse and Dua went missing. That is when Hayato and his friends to recuse Sori and help him with his journey.

3 New Characters

We can see in the picture below that apart from Hayato in the back, there are 3 more new characters, a female character with 2 pistols (might be Dua), a young male character in the front, and a middle-age character with short hair in the back.

Time For Action Teaser Free Fire Continental Serie
There are 3 new characters in the picture apart from Hayato

In the last few seconds of the video, we can see the face of the male character in the back and see that he has 2 eye colors. This is a huge hint, indicating that this character has a blood relationship with character Clu because Clu is the only character in Free Fire with 2 eye colors.

Time For Action Teaser Free Fire Continental Serie
This new character might be the son or the bother of the character Clu in Free Fire

Everything will be revealed by Garena on November 18 so stay tuned and see what will be coming with Gurugamer.

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