Like other battle royales in the market, Free Fire is Free To Play and makes money by selling skins. However, unlike them, skins in Free Fire actually give bonuses to the gun's overall performance. Combine this with the character system and we have a highly pay to win game.

Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack App
Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack App: Gun Skin unlocked by Lulubox would last permanently

However, there is a way that you could overcome that difference - by downloading Lulubox, the premier Free Fire Gun Skin Hack App, you would be able to unlock all skins in the game. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know to hack using Lulubox.

1 - What is Lulubox?

Lulubox is an Android game manager or "plugin" app that works on both Free Fire and other Android Games. By running the game through your account, you would be able to access many addons for Free Fire and many other games on Android like Mobile Legends, PUBG, Clash of Clans... etc.

Free Fire Free Gun Skin Hack App
Free Fire Free Gun Skin Hack App: You can hack other games as well

Lulubox simplified the process of installing mods and hacks greatly - this is a godsend for people who don't know much about Android systems. Another good thing about Lulubox is that it does not require an account of demand you to share your personal data.

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2 - How To Install Lulubox?

Install Requirements

You don't need to root your device for Lulubox to work - just download and install it on your phone and you are good to go. At the moment, the Lulubox app is free to download and work on pretty much any Android devices and version, from the oldest to newest ones. You can only use this app on Android however - there are no Lulubox versions on Iphone.

This rule works for any other hacking apps - you won't be able to find any of that on iPhone - if you want to hack, you must use an Android. You might need to turn on "unknown sources" before installing the app - it can be found in options.


The best site for downloading Lulubox is its official page. You can click on this link to get to the download page. Click on the big green "Download" button and after it has completed, run the .APK file and go through the installation process. Grant the app access rights when needed - until you see the rows of icons on your screen.

Free Fire Gun Skin Hack App Download
Free Fire Gun Skin Hack App Download: Lulubox is the easiest app to use

Remember to update Lulubox regularly with newer versions - you can check for updates in the Settings menu on the top right corner of the screen by clicking on the Gear icon.

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3 - How to use Lulubox for Garena Free Fire?

Firstly, make sure that you already have the game on your phone before you run the app. Select the game's icon in the app and open it up. The result should be like this:

Free Fire Free Gun Skin Hack App
Free Fire Gun Skin Hack App: Features of Lulubox

Download the plugin you want - Fashion Skin / Gun Skin is the skin hack feature - with this turned on, you would be able to get all the skins in the game. Game Tools is some smaller "assist feature" for Free Fire, which might or might not be needed - depend on your preferences. Afterward, run the game using Lulubox - you need to do this for the mod to actually work.

To activate the hack, just turn the booster on... and turn it off when you don't need it anymore. Just be careful when hacking - it is best that you create a new account for it, as there's always the risk of getting banned.

4 - Lulubox's Features

Besides the Free Fire skin hack, Lulubox also has three other extra features that players might find useful:

Custom Crosshair

You can change the crosshair styles and their colors using Lulubox - a different crosshair might make it easier for you to score headshots in Free Fire.

Move Assistant

This is a feature that aids you to get to the safe zone safely - the color line is the visual shrink tip while the number is your distance to the safe zone.

Map Pro+

This feature would provide statistics of the map based on official data, showing various hot zones over time so that you could make correct decisions in the game. Sometimes being more strategical is better than being a good shot.

Free Fire Free Gun Skin Hack App

All 3 features are pretty useful to improve your gaming while doesn't really provide too much advantage, ensuring a better gameplay experience without removing the challenge aspect.

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