Garena has always been trying to improve its character skill system with new additions to the roster. Dasha is the newest character added to the game - her skill "Partying On" has a unique bonus that no other characters have in Free Fire: Recoil Reduction and Fall Damage Reduction

Dasha Free Fire

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best characters to go with Dasha's skill in Free Fire.

5 - Jai

Dasha's skill has a bonus of recoil reduction - both maximum recoil its buildup rate. This makes her skill an excellent choice for an SMG build or any build with high recoil weapons like the AK... and Jai is a common pick in those builds.

Jai Free Fire

With lower recoil buildup, SMGs are going to be able to spew out bullets even faster and more accurately in long bursts, which is the perfect situation for Jai's skill to trigger.

4 - Laura

If you are doing a sniper build, Dasha's skill can work perfectly in conjunction with Laura's. Both skills would increase the weapon's accuracy at long range - especially when you are using semi-auto sniper rifles like the SVD or SKS.

Image 3 Laura Character In Free Fire

While Laura's skill directly increases the accuracy of the weapon, Dasha's recoil reduction lets the weapon retain it.

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3 - Jota

Recoil Reduction would work wonders in the case of the Shotguns as well. If you are using the automatic shotgun M1014, you would have a much easier time with Dasha's skill active, as all shots of the shotgun have great recoil.

Joe Taslim Jota Free Fire

Jota's skill gives bonuses to shotguns and SMGs that let you regain a bit of health after each kill.

2 - Rafael

After used up Rafael's skill and getting detected, a character equipped with Dasha's skill could quickly escape by jumping out from the vantage point he's in. Dasha's fall damage reduction lets snipers escape with impunity.

Rafael 1

1 - Hayato

Another piece of the sniper build - both Hayato and Dasha's skill are geared toward offensive, with bonuses for automatic weapons. With Dasha's skill equipped, you can safely jump down from some high places to lose a little bit of HP so that Hayato's Bushido ability could trigger.

Hayato Character In Free Fire Everything You Need

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