Free Fire's character system is one of the most well-liked parts of the game, with new characters getting added frequently to spice up the gameplay. The general trend in Free Fire is to release stronger and stronger characters, with the newer ones having much more gimmick than the older.

In this article, we would compare the two newest characters in the game, K and Dasha, to see which one is more powerful.

1 - About Dasha

Dasha is the newest character in Free Fire. Her ability "Partying On" is pretty unique - it provides some of the rarest buffs in Free Fire: Fall Damage Reduction & Fall Recovery... along with Weapon Recoil Reduction and Recoil Buildup. These bonuses can easily be divided into 2 skills - but looks like Garena decided against it.

With this ability, Dasha would be able to jump down from any height without afraid of dying. In fact, unless you purposefully get to high places to jump, Dasha would not lose much health at all from the usual jumping places. There are a lot of spots to apply this skill - you can jump down from the top of the refinery in Kalahari, for example.

Dasha Free Fire

The Recoil Reduction bonus is amongst the best offensive bonuses in the game - you would be able to use weapons with heavy recoil like the AK much easier with Dasha's skill equipped.

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2 - About K

K's ability "Master of All" is a unique passive skill that can be toggled between its two bonuses. This is probably true to the skill's name: "Master of All".


There are 2 modes for this skill

  • Jiujitsu Mode: All allies (including K) in a 6-meter radius get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate (they will not gain any EP - the skill boost the rate at which EP gets converted to HP by five times). K would also get + 50 Max EP limit from this part of the skill.
  • Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 3 seconds - up to 100 EP per match. Only this part of the ability can be leveled up - at the maximum level, it would recover 2 EP every 2 seconds to a maximum of 150.

Garena Free Fire Latest Character Dj Kshmr Header

Overall, K is a decent support character, with the ability to heal pretty much all chip damage taken for both himself and his teammates, at the cost of EP.

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3 - Dasha Vs K: Who is the stronger character?

Both characters are strong in their own ways - one is more focused on healing while the other is more focused on mobility and combat.

K's Master of All is certainly easier to use - it lets you recover EP and HP just as fast as Alok's heal... It also synergizes with A124, Miguel and Kapella's skill to provide even more healing bonuses.

Dasha's skill, on the other hand, provides unrestrained mobility - you would be able to move around as much as you want without having to worry about terrains.

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