Free Fire always has tons of new updates and features every season for the game to keep it fresh and exciting for players. However, not all their ideas were as good as they seem on paper or they haven't found a way to balance it out yet.

That why these items will remain forever only in Traning mode, casual mode, or not even in the game at all, not until Garena figures out the right path it.

1. CG15

The CG15 was meant to be the most powerful weapon in Free Fire but it turned out to be one of the worst weapons in the game. This weapon can serve as both an AR and a bolt-action. It is an automatic weapon when you are hip-firing and it is a sniper when you are aiming down sight.

Cg15 Free Fire

One headshot from this weapon while aiming can take down one enemy, however, it has one deadly weakness. You need to aim down sight for a few seconds to charge it to 100% before you can shoot it. Furthermore, you cannot turn around while aiming down sight and can only move side to side, making it very hard to hit enemies.

2. MGL140

The MGL140 is a grenade launcher with high damage and a decent rate of fire. That why it is a too powerful weapon to be available in Ranked Mode. This weapon only appears in certain event modes.


3. Shield Gun

The Shield Gun was introduced in the OB16 update with the Kalahari map. This weapon has a small shield on top of it that will protect your chest and head area. In theory, this gun sound like a great weapon that is good at both offense and defense.


However, the shield of this gun doesn't block a lot of damage, and the damage output by this weapon is just too underwhelming when compared to other weapons such as SCAR or MP40.

4. Level 4 Helmet

The Level 4 Helmet is a helmet that will basically give you a second life. When you receive lethal damage from a headshot, you will not die. You will have 1 HP left instead and the Level 4 Helmet will disappear.

Levl 4 Helmet

There is only 1 single Level 4 Helmet in a Free Fire match and the location of it is marked on the map in a Blue area. However, this item is only available in casual mode, probably because it is way to be powerful to be Ranked mode.

5. Toxic Zone

The Toxic Zone or the Green Zone is a zone where players will start losing health if they stay in there for too long. It was released at the same time as the character Rafael.

This feature stayed for sometimes and then was removed permanently afterward because of no one like it at all. The zone only adds more meaningless RNG into the game and it is very frustrated if you get caught in it.

Free Fire

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