Accurate headshots help you rank up in Free Fire MAX rank mode, increase K/D ratio and reach Heroic tier faster. Your gameplay will also get better when landing headshots accurately. Here are the top must-know tips for headshots in Free Fire MAX rank matches.

#1. Choose Right Guns

Weapons in Free Fire MAX have different statistics. Many guns have higher accuracy, such as M14. But this assault rifle has a low rate of fire and a small magazine. You can use this gun as a backup weapon in close and mid-range combat. You need an automatic gun with large magazines and a high firing rate to spray bullets and use M14 to land headshots in rank matches.

Free Fire M14
Choosing accurate weapons is one of the best tips for headshots.

#2. Use ADS For Accurate Headshots

Using scope and ADS for higher accuracy. But you should not turn on the scope in face-to-face combat when you are too close to the target. Therefore, you should keep a safe distance from the target to aim down sight and headshot. If the target gets closer to you, fall back to a safe distance, aim to the head, and fire. Moreover, you have to aim quickly.

Use Ads To Aim Better
Use ADS to aim better and shoot accurately.

#3. Use Sharp Shooter Skill

The Sharp Shooter skill of the character Laura helps increase the accuracy while firing with ADS. This ability gives your character a 10-30% accuracy bonus. You can choose to use this character or equip this ability to the character you are using. It's one of the must-know tips for headshots in Free Fire rank mode.

Laura Free Fire
Use Laura's ability to increase the headshot accuracy when shooting with ADS.

#4. Choose And Master SRs

Sniper Rifles in Free Fire MAX often have higher hit damage than other weapons although they have lower rates of fire. Moreover, SRs have higher accuracy in long-range combat due to lower bullet drops and longer effective ranges. You can use SRs as a backup gun together with pro sniping tips if you are playing as a sniper and improve your sniping skills.

Improve Sniping Skill
Master sniper rifles and improve your sniping skills to increase long-range headshot accuracy.

#5. Switch To Burst Mode

To reduce the gun recoil in Free Fire MAX, you should switch to the burst mode. It has lower recoil than the automatic mode. So, you need to use the burst mode to shoot with higher headshot accuracy. It's one of the best tips for headshots in this game that you must know.

Switch The Firing Modes
The burst mode has lower gun recoil than the automatic firing mode.

#6. Aim Above The Head Of Moving Targets

Free Fire MAX players often jump when moving in the open ground. Therefore, your bullets may land on the chest or lower body of the target although you aim to his head. These sudden movements may make you fail to land accurate headshots in these situations.

That's why you should aim above the head of the moving target. You also need to aim above the head of the opponent who is sitting behind the cover because you don't know whether he will stand up suddenly or not.

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