Free Fire's December patch OB31 is going to go live in a few hours. The patch will bring a lot of changes to weapons and equipment. In this article, we are going to analyze Free Fire OB31 weapon changes to see which are the best weapons to use in this patch.

1. New Weapon MAC10

MAC10 with built-in silencer will be the newest addition to the SMG class in this patch. With its pre-attached silencer, the MAC10 can easily pierce foes who wear heavy armor.

  • Base Damage: 24
  • Rate of Fire: 0.09
  • Comes with a pre-attached silencer.
New Weapon MAC10
New Weapon MAC10 is going to be super popular.

2. Free Fire OB31 Weapon nerfs

Range nerfs to SMGs/shotguns

  • MP5 - Effective range -3%
  • UMP - Effective range -5%
  • MAG-7 - Effective range -3%
  • Thompson - Effective range -3%
  • UZI - Effective range -5%

The above weapons are too effective in long range combat, which makes other weapons rather useless. This is why Garena decided to reduce their effective range - so that other weapons have their chance to shine. Overall, this is a huge nerf to all popular SMGs.

UMP and XM8 Reload time: +5%

With the increased reload time, players would have a better chance of closing the range against opponents who use these weapons.

Top 5 SMGs
Top 5 SMGs in Free Fire are all nerfed now.

3. Free Fire OB31 Weapon buffs

Below are the underpowered weapons receiving buffs in Free Fire OB31.

SCAR Recoil: -10%

The SCAR has lower accuracy than other ARs and is pretty unpopular in general. This is why Garena decided to buff the weapon so that it would be more accurate after the initial shots.

Scar Ultimate Titan
The SCAR is making a comeback as the best weapon in the game.

M60 Recoil in Machine Gun Mode: -30%

Apparently, the Machine Gun Mode bonus of the M60 is still too weak. This buff allows players to be more accurate while spraying with this weapon.

MP5-X Rate of fire: +5%

For one of the rarest gun on the map, the MP5-X perform pretty poorly against other top SMGs. This extra RoF buff would give it a bigger chance in the final circles.

Kar98k Rate of fire: +10%

The Kar98k is currently the weakest sniper in the game due to its slow rate of fire. This makes scoring multiple shots difficult. The OB31 rate of fire buff might be able to fix that problem and make the gun more viable in long range.

Groza Armor Penetration +20%

Despite the Groza being an airdrop weapon, it is not that much stronger than normal ARs. This is why Garena is buffing the weapon's effectiveness against armors in this patch so that it works better in the late game.

4. Other weapon changes in OB31

Weapon swap time adjusted

This means pulling out a big gun like a sniper rifle would be slower now. Smaller weapons like SMGs or Pistols, on the other hand, are always the fastest. The time it takes to swap weapons will now vary according to the type of weapon being used.

Targets affected by flashbangs are now more visible

Previously, it is almost impossible to know if an enemy is affected by flashbangs or not. This patch will stronger indicators for all sides to spot flashed players.

Stun Enemies With Flashbangs
Before there is no indicators for players dazed with flashbangs.

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