The OB31 update in Free Fire has finally arrived. One of the most notable features in the OB31 update is the new MAC-10 SMG. The addition of this weapon will add variety to the weapon collection in Free Fire.

Overall, the MAC-10 has great power in close-range and mid-range combat with a high rate of fire, damage, and stability so it is expected that this weapon will be quite popular. In this article, we are going to show you the top 3 weapons to combo with MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire.

1. Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is an excellent weapon for you to take down the enemy from far away. This marksman rifle has high damage, armor penetration. Combining the Woodpecker with the MAC-10 SMG lets you have a balanced strength in all kinds of fights.

The Woodpecker is a very powerful marksman rifle with high damage and armor penetration.

2. M4A1-Z

With the new M4 Chip item, players can upgrade the M4A1 to M4A1-Z, which is a very powerful weapon with an additional Rate of Fire and damage. Both the MAC-10 and the M4A1 have a really high rate of fire so they are a great combination for players who want to pray down the enemy quickly.

M4a1 z Min 1024x576
The M4A1 can be upgraded with the M4 Chip to increase its damage and rate of fire.

3. VSS-X

The VSS-X is another long-range weapon that would make a good combo with the new MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire. This weapon comes with a built-in scope and silencer. The Bleed effect of the VSS-X is also helpful to drain the HP of a knocked enemy.

Most importantly, both weapons use SMG ammo, which allows you to save a lot of space in your inventory to store other items.

Free Fire Smg List Vss
VSS-X also use SMG ammo, which saves space in your inventory

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