In competitive games like Free Fire, players often stick to the strongest strategies they can find in order to win. However, the gameplay gets pretty stale when everyone uses the same strategy. This is why Garena has been nerfing strong weapons and skills left and right - they want the meta to change and evolve.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 4 biggest nerfs in Free Fire OB31 update.

1. No more double sniper rifles

Unlike normal shooters, players in Free Fire can carry two main weapons instead of one. This means it is possible to carry two of the same sniper if they manage to get their hands on it twice.

double snipers
Double snipers used to be a huge problem in Free Fire.

This is actually pretty overpowered, as players can just abuse the weapon switch function to fire snipers/AWMs repeatedly without having to reload. With the high damage of snipers, the user can out damage pretty much everyone and get the win.

In OB31, however, Garena has nerfed the weapon swap time for all heavy weapons in the game. Before this patch, all guns have the same swap time... however, after this patch, it would take a while to swap in an AWM or Kar98k. The double sniper trick is pretty much removed.

Below is a demonstration of the new sniper mechanic in OB31:

2. No more Chrono

Chrono has been dominating the whole Free Fire game ever since his release in December last year. His shield is just outrageously overpowered - people can just shield up and shoot at enemies with no way for them to counter.

In OB31, the strongest aspect of the character is removed. Players can no longer shoot through Chrono's shield, regardless of the location. It might be time for pro players to use characters other than Chrono.

Chrono's Time Turner
Chrono's new shield nerfs in Free Fire OB31 literally killed the character.

3. Clash Squad backpack limit

Previously, players can carry more than 3 Gloo Walls or utility Grenades into the next round of Clash Squad. This is too much advantage and makes it super difficult for the other team to come back from behind.

This is why Garena has decided to limit the number of Grenades players can carry between rounds to only 2. This nerf prevents one team from snowballing out of control with just one victory.

Clash Squad improvements
Players can no longer get too much advantage with just one victory.

4. Range reduction to popular SMGs

Balancing SMGs and ARs have always been a problem in Free Fire. The two classes work almost the same way, therefore, Garena needs to add nerfs in Free Fire OB31 to keep them separate and distinct from each other.

This is probably why they nerf all popular SMGs in OB31 with a small range reduction. While this might seem minor, the reduction in range actually reduces their capability moderately, especially for the Thompson and UMP, which already have low range.

Thompson Dragon Mob
The Thompson is harder to use now.

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