The character system is what separates Free Fire from the other mobile BR in the market. Characters' skills allow players to custom their combat ability based on personal their own strengths and weaknesses. Garena usually adds one or two new characters into Free Fire with each "OB" update, and OB31 is not an exception.

In this article, we are going to reveal everything available so far about the new Nairi character in Free Fire OB31.

Nairi in Free Fire

1. Nairi character background & design

Background story

Apparently, Nairi was the "mystery character" in the OB31 Advance Server. His backstory is partially revealed with his addition to the game. Apparently, Nairi is a "storm chaser" who researches climate technology.

For your information, a storm chaser is a scientist who pursues severe weather phenomena for scientific investigation. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Furthermore, based on his skill, it is likely that Nairi work in the colder regions.

Appearance and design

Being a scientist, Nairi wears a lot of protective clothing. This is probably part of his gear for storm chasing. His jacket and sweater are the heavy types that protect the user from extreme cold weather.

The protective armors actually look pretty futuristic, which fits the theme of the world of Free Fire.

Nairi character in Free Fire has a pretty subdued design.

2. Nairi character ability

Nairi's ability is a passive skill called Ice Iron. It automatically heals all of your deployed Gloo Walls for some of their durability every second. Additionally, with Nairi's ability equipped, players will deal extra damage against Gloo Wall using assault rifles.

The extra damage and healing amount increase with levels. Below are the exact bonus from levels 1 to 6:

  • Level-1: Restore 20% durability per second. Gloo Wall Damage when using ARs +20%
  • Level-2: Restore 22% durability per second. Gloo Wall Damage when using ARs +21%
  • Level-3: Restore 24% durability per second. Gloo Wall Damage when using ARs +22%
  • Level-4: Restore 26% durability per second. Gloo Wall Damage when using ARs +23%
  • Level-5: Restore 28% durability per second. Gloo Wall Damage when using ARs +24%
  • Level-6: Restore 30% durability per second. Gloo Wall Damage when using ARs +25%
Nairi character ability
Nairi character ability in Free Fire is super strong at level 1

Overall, the bonuses with levels are pretty much minimal. It is best to save your resources and leave this skill at level 1.

3. How strong is Nairi character in Free Fire?

As Nairi's ability is a passive, it is fairly versatile and can be combined with any skill in the game. The effect is pretty strong - unless enemies go out of their way to destroy the Gloo Wall in one burst, the wall would heal back to full in just a few seconds.

The second component of the ability is pretty useful as well. The 20% extra damage would allow you and your team to focus down enemy walls. Nairi would definitely see frequent use in high rank games, where Gloo grenades are spammed everywhere.

This means end game fights would be much easier for Nairi users now, as you can just duck behind the wall and wait for it to heal. Just be vary of Skyler's ability, as it can deal a huge amount of damage to your Gloo Walls at once. Gloo Wall penetration weapons like the M82B can be a problem as well, as enemies would be able to pierce it and damage you.

Nairi walls
Nairi Free Fire Guide to create indestructible walls.

4. Which characters to combo with Nairi?

Overall, Nairi revolves around Gloo Wall, which is a common tool for rushers and assaulters. Therefore, the best characters to combo with Nairi are Jota, Hayato, Alok, A124, and the like. As the second component of the skill has an assault rifle restriction, it is best to stick with general skills and not shotgun or SMG based skills like Caroline or Nikita's.

Xayne's ability is probably the best to combo with Nairi, as the bonus damage on Gloo Walls stacks. This way, players would be able to deal massive damage to enemies' walls.

However, when it comes to pets, the penguin pet is mandatory, as you would need the extra gloo wall grenades it spawns. However, if you don't have it, the Robo pet is also a good alternative. It boosts your wall's HP and lets it tank more damage before breaking down.

Hayato Awaken
Hayato is perfect to combo with Nairi.

It is actually pretty tricky to counter Nairi, as waste your bullet on his Gloo wall is definitely not a good idea. Players can use Xayne or Skyler's ability to damage Gloo walls or the M82B to bypass it.

5. Which weapon to combo with Nairi?

As the skill gives bonus damage when using assault rifles, it is pretty obvious that AR is the best weapon to use on Nairi. Amongst them, weapons with high damage like the Groza or AK are probably the best, as you would be able to bring down Gloo Wall faster with them.

The Parafal and M14 should be great choices as well, as they also have decent damage per shot.

6. When will Nairi be released?

There are going to be 2 big events in December, the Money Heist collab and the Winter event. With Nairi being a winter-themed character, it is likely that he is going to debut during the second event of December, toward the end of the year. The Winter event is going to be the last big event this year for Free Fire.

Moreover, since the last original characters in Free Fire 2021 (Dimitri, Otho, D-Bee, Maro, and Xayne) were released as part of top-up events, it is likely that Nairi would also be a top-up reward. However, as this month has only one new character and not two, he can also be a purchase-only character.

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