Garena has released more than five new updates in 2021, and along with them, a lot of new Free Fire characters and balance changes. Characters have been getting buffed, nerfed, and sometimes outright changed, with Chrono being the prime example. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best characters with active skills in Free Fire (December 2021).

1. Alok

For the better part of this year, Alok has been overshadowed completely by Chrono, in both the pro scene and normal games. However, after Chrono's recent nerf, it is expected that Alok is going to rise to the top once again and become the most used character.

Dj Alok Ff
Alok is the most popular amongst characters with Active skills in Free Fire.

Alok's ability has not changed much since his debut. Drop the beat is a healing + speed aura that lasts for 10 seconds, which is very useful in combat. Rushing strategies might become more popular now, with more people using Alok's Aura.

2. K

K or KSHMR got a huge buff in Free Fire OB31. Master of All now regenerates EP faster, with a rate of 2 EP per second at level 6. This is twice as fast as the previous version. Players can fill up their tank right away and keep its regeneration up for the whole match.

Furthermore, the Max EP regeneration limit has also been increased by 66%, from 150 to 250. This is an extra 100 EP that players can use for whatever they want.

K's Master of All
K's Master of All get buffed in OB31

3. Wukong

Wukong used to be a joke character, with a 300-second cooldown skill before his buff. No one uses this version of him. However, after gaining the ability to refresh cooldown with a kill, Wukong has become a very popular character in Free Fire.

Camouflage turns the player into a bush at the cost of a 20% movement speed reduction. This ability can be used in a lot of ways, from moving through camping spots to healing and even setting up ambushes.

Wukong Free Fire
Wukong used to be a joke character in Free Fire.

4. Dimitri

Dimitri is one of the newest characters added to the game, with an unique ability called Healing Heartbeat, geared toward team play. By activating the skill, Dimitri gains a healing aura similar to Alok... however, the aura also allows players and their teammates to get back up by themselves (self recover) when downed.

It is highly useful in ranked squad mode, which allows you to save your teammates while keeping firepower up. The duration and cooldown of this ability are fairly good, at 15 and 60s respectively.

Dimitri Vegas Like Mike Free Fire
Dimitri is one of the most unique characters with Active skills in Free Fire.

5. Chrono

After staying on top for a year, Chrono has finally been vanquished in the OB31 patch. Chrono's skill has been reworked and is no longer as useful as it was previously. Players can no longer shoot through the wall anymore, which reduces Chrono's shield to a purely defensive skill.

Chrono Ob31 Free Fire
Chrono is finally balanced.

At least the cooldown of the skill is much lower now. At 120 seconds, players can use it much more frequently in combat. It is best to use it as a makeshift Gloo Wall that can take much more damage.

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