The Free Fire x Money Heist Peak Day is coming tomorrow and there will be a new Heist mode for players to enjoy and get free rewards from Peak Day events. In this article, we will show you how to play the new Heist Mode in Free Fire.

New Heist Mode In Free Fire

Event duration: December 11 to December 14

In the Heist Mode In Free Fire, 8 players will split into 2 teams. There are 3 Money Printers on the map. The main objective of each team is to capture these machines. When these Money Printers are captured, they will make money for the capturing team.

New Mode La Casa De Papel Free Fire X Money Heist
Capturing Money Printers on the map to earn money for your team.

Only 1 Money Printer is active at a time and players can only get money from an active Money Printer. Each time a Money Printer is active, players can get a maximum of $10,000 from it. When a Money Printer runs out of money, another Money Printer on the map will be activated.

The first team to reach $30,000 will be the winner. When there is a fight near a Money Printer, that Money Printer will be disabled temporarily.

New Mode La Casa De Papel Free Fire X Money Heist
There is a total of 3 Money Printer on the map and there is only 1 active Money Printer at a time.

Players can choose any weapon they want from the shop in their respective spawn areas. The store will slowly unlock more weapons for players to choose from. When players die, they will respawn shortly in their respective spawn area.

Each match has a 10 minutes timer. When the time runs out, the team that has more money will be the winner.

New Mode La Casa De Papel Free Fire X Money Heist
The first team to reach $30,000 win the match.

By playing 5 matches in the Money Heist mode, players will be able to claim 1 Streamer Weapon Loot Crate, Concealed, Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot.

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