Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration event has almost reached its peak day. This weekend, December 11, players will be able to redeem various valuable rewards by completing certain quests. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get the best rewards from Free Fire x Money Heist peak day, including parachute, surfboard and sports car skins.

1. How to get free Team Heist parachute skin

This skin is probably the easiest item to get in this event. Players only need to log into the game on December 11, navigate to the event section, and press the claim button to add it to their inventory.

Team Heist parachute skin
Team Heist parachute skin looks so good it might actually draw unwanted attention to your landing.

The Team Heist parachute is a red flashy skin with an image of the iconic masked robber in the middle. Overall, it is very eye catching and will definitely draw other players towards your direction.

2. How to get Chill on Bills Surfboard skin

Similar to the parachute skin, it is pretty easy to acquire this surfboard. All players need to do is to play the game for at least 30 minutes. Afterward, just navigate to the Event tab and press redeem to get the surfboard skin for free.

The Chill on Bills
The Chill on Bills surfboard might actually be the best reward from this event due to its effects.

This is one of the most creative surfboard skin ever created in the game. It is just a pile of money clumped up together into the shape of a surfboard. When equipped, the skin will have a money scattering effect, which look very good when the board is in action.

3. How to get free Team Heist Sports Car skin

This reward is the most tricky, as it requires players to complete daily missions to acquire unique tokens called Heist Cash. Afterward, players can exchange these tokens for the actual reward during Free Fire x Money Heist peak day. While it unlocks in 2 days, players can already farm their tokens by completing missions from December 5.

Team Heist car
The Team Heist sports car is super flashy, with golden and orange decoration.

Below is a list of all the token missions:

  • Play three matches to receive 1x Heist Cash
  • Kill enemies five times to receive 1x Heist Cash
  • Play 30 minutes to receive 1x Heist Cash
  • Play one match with friends to receive 1 Heist Cash

For 20 heist cash, players can exchange for the Team Heist sports car skin in the event tab. Furthermore, 3 weapon royale vouchers are also on trade for 5x heist cash each.

Team heist exchange
Players can get 3 weapon royale tickets as a bonus from Free Fire x Money Heist peak day.

The quests of this event are fairly easy to complete. You can pretty much get the optimal amount by playing 3 matches every day, preferably with friends. It would take 5 days of questing to exchange for the car skin, so there is still enough time if you begin right now.

To get the extra 3 weapon royale tickets, however, 4 more days of doing quests are required.

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