In Free Fire, one of the most common play style is rushing aggressively into foes, with the support of Chrono's shield Time Turner. However, after Free Fire OB31 patch hit, Chrono's ability has been reworked and become useless in aggressive builds. This requires players to use different combos to play Free Fire instead of spamming one character indefinitely.

In this article, we are going to list out the top skill combos for Free Fire rushers after Chrono's nerf.

1. Wukong + Dasha + Leon + D-Bee

This combo focuses on weaving in and out of combat, using Wukong's camouflage and Leon's heal. Wukong's ability turns the player into a bush for a short duration, which can be used to disorient and ambush enemies. The best part is that you can use the skill again after every kill.

Free Fire Wukong
Ever since Wukong's ability rework, the character has been picked a lot in pro tier

Dasha and D-Bee are among the best combos for Free Fire rushers. They allow players to fire while moving around. Their skills reduce weapon recoil and increase accuracy, which allows players to shoot much more accurately when rushing targets. These skills work best on SMGs, which has high recoil build up and low accuracy.

Lastly, Leon's passive regenerates HP when moving out of combat. This gives players a lot of free HP and reduces the rate of medkit consumption.

2. A124 + Miguel + Luqueta + Wolfrahh

This combo would give players an HP and damage advantage the longer the game goes on. A124's ability is probably the most underrated skill in the game - it allows players to quickly regain HP in combat, which can turn the tide of battle.

A124 is easy to use, as long as you can fulfill her EP cost.

Miguel, Luqueta and Wolfrahh's skills all gain charges after players eliminate foes. Miguel's Crazy Slayers provide A124's skill the EP it needs, while Luqueta and Wolfrahh's passives buff the user's stats.

As long as the user manages to score the first few kills, everything would be smooth sailing from then on. After getting enough kills, this combo can give up to a 50 HP bonus and a 20% limb damage reduction bonus. This gives players a huge advantage in the final stages of the game.

3. Alok + Jota + Jai + Moco

This combo is the most team oriented. With Alok's active ability, players would be able to rotate around faster and heal their teammates with its aura effect. Jota and Jai's passives are geared toward combat, which allows the user to fight non stop.

Dj Alok Garena Free Fire
Alok has finally come back to the top of Free Fire's character roster.

Ever since Jota's skill rework, his ability has become much popular in combos for Free Fire rushers. A lot of builds in the game can now incorporate it for the extra HP regen. Jai's skill is excellent when using low magazine spam weapons like Vector Akimbo.

Moco's passive is the last piece of the puzzle - it reveals enemies' locations and allows players to chase without any problem. Moco's awakening makes this skill even more effective by increasing its duration.

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