Gloo Wall skins are among the best Top Up rewards in Free Fire that you can get frequently. What gives merit to this is how players can go to great lengths to obtain these items with a huge number of diamonds.

In the past year, the game has not shied from introducing new Gloo Wall skins, some of which are even for free as part of events. In 2021, what are the best Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire that have been released? Let’s dive in to see the best picks.

1. Aurous Dragon/ Dragon Seal/ Nuclear Bunker

The first position for the best Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire 2021 belongs to Dragon Sea, Nuclear Bunker, and Aurous Dragon Gloo Walls. All of them were milestone rewards for one of the grandest tournaments of the year - the Free Fire World Series (FFWC).

Aurous Dragon Dragon Sea
There were several gloo wall skins players could choose from in the event pool.

The skins were offered along with 4 other items after the game crossed its 450k viewership. However, the player could only opt for one of the available prizes and this was quite a catch.

2. Victory Charge

Items released during Free Fire collaborations are rare and they usually take a long time a return to the game. After the collab with McLaren, special car skins, as well as other items, were introduced into Free Fire. One of the most favorite goodies back then was the Gloo Wall – Victory Change.

It was up for grabs in the McLaren Top Up which lasted from July 28 to August 4.

Victory Charge Gloo Wall
Gloo Wall – Victory Charge could be obtained for the cost of 500 diamonds.

3. Gate to Oblivion

Gloo Wall – Gate to Oblivion also takes a spot in the list of best Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire 2021. The developers featured it in a top-up event which means you need to purchase a certain number of diamonds to be eligible for this reward.

Thanks to its attractive and exclusive design, this item became the most favorite one that was given out for free.

Gate To Oblivion
This skin was available in Shark Attack Top Up which was held in January 2021.

4. Hysteria

Garena Free Fire witnessed another set of milestones being crossed for the FFAC finals on November 28. After they got the achievement, they issued a Free Fire redeem code which granted a Brave Crystal token along with other rewards.

Using this token, gamers could redeem one of the 4 available rewards. And Gloo Wall – Hysteria was among that stuff they could get their hands on.

Hysteria Gloo Wall
Hysteria Gloo Wall skin has a unique look that reminds you of Joker.

5. Booyah Day 2021

In November, the Booyah Day event was initiated within the Free Fire span. The devs included multiple top-ups with themed rewards. In the 2nd iteration, Booyah Day Top Up 2, you could obtain the Gloo Wall – Booyah Day 2021 skin without a cost.

All that you needed to do was to buy 600 in-game diamonds.

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