Not all items in Free Fire are easy to obtain. From exclusive characters, gun skins, to bundles, you will need diamonds to make these goods yours. While some of them are offered for free during events, others are impossible to get if players don’t pay out some real-life currency.

Meanwhile, the game developers often set up several promotional events within the game, offering players rewards to get diamonds. The rewards that are provided by top-up events usually function as an incentive for in-game currency topping up. Below are the best top up rewards in Free Fire that are added regularly.

Sensei Top Up
What can you get from the top up events in Free Fire and what are the most recurring rewards?

3. Pet and Character

The diverse pool of characters with different combat abilities is one of the factors making Free Fire popular. And the developers do not shy from adding new ones along with pets into the game in the past updates. A common trend for many 2021-released characters and pets as they were added to the top-up event before becoming accessible in the store.

The latest one is the Otho Top Up added earlier in November. Before this, Dimitri Top Up was also available on the third anniversary. Talking about Free Fire pets, Sensei Tig and Dr. Beanie were the last few added to the top up events. Consequently, pets and characters become the top-up event rewards every few months.

Otho Top Up Free Fire
Otho is one of the characters who have been featured as part of top-up events in Free Fire.

2. Emote

One of the best top up rewards in Free Fire is arguably the Emotes considering the cost of the exclusive ones in the store. As part of these event rewards, the emotes definitely induce players to purchase more currency.

At the moment, the Dribble King emote was available a few days ago for buying at the price of 500 diamonds. Prior to this, players could also get the Mind It emote from the Diwali Top Up event.

Dribble King
The best top up rewards in Free Fire also includes emotes with different modes and outfits.

There are unique methods to unlock each emote in Free fire. However, Free Fire does not provide any emote for the new account compared to other battle royal games.

1. Gloo Wall and other skins

Although Gloo Walls are one of the most sought after cosmic items in the game, they can cost playersup to thousands of diamonds for the most attractive choices. On several occasions, Gloo Wall skins also get features as the prizes in these top up events. For example, you may have obtained the Gloo Wall – Stick No Bills a while ago.

Moreover, the skins of other items such as loot boxes, melee weapons, and vehicles also contain rewards. Users can get them fast without having to spend diamonds.

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