Surviving is one of the best ways to get more points in Ranked Battle Royale mode and climb higher rank tiers. It doesn't matter if you have an aggressive playstyle or not, you need to make sure that you can survive as long as possible.

Of course, it is not an easy task at all since you are facing 49 enemies who have the same skill level in a single match. But if you use the tips we provide above, you might be able to survive longer in Ranked Battle Royale.

1. Avoid fighting in the early game

Fighting in the early game bears a lot of risks while giving you almost no benefit at all. That's why we recommend you stay safe in the early game by avoiding fights and focusing on looting more. Also, it is better to choose an area with few enemies at the start of the game.

Avoid Fighting Free Fire
Most of the fights in the early game are not worth taking.

2. Always rotate after a fight

Rotating often is one of the key habits that will keep you alive. This way, you will be able to avoid ambushes from other enemies nearby who hear the gunshots.

Free Fire M14
Always being on the move will keep you alive in Free Fire.

3. Choose characters that increase your survivability

Characters that help you survive longer in Ranked Battle Royale include K, Alok, Skyler, Kelly... They offer a lot of healing as well as mobility for you to get in and out of combat easily. The character store in Free fire also just got a change that makes some of these characters more accessible to free-to-play players.

Free Fire Skyler Shirou New Characters En 1
Free Fire Skyler character can provide you with survivability.

4. Stock up Gloo Wall and Med Kit

These 2 utility items are super important to your survival in Free Fire. Gloo Walls can save you from certain a lot of time if you know how to use them. Meanwhile, having Med Kits will accelerate your healing speed even if you have a character that provides healing.

Loot Many Med Kits
Loot many Med Kits to heal and survive.

5. Get away from a bad fight

Knowing when to run is the ultimate skill to survive longer in Ranked Battle Royale. Not picking up a bad fight will save you a lot of Med Kits or even a loss. However, you need to have a lot of experience and a good game sense in order to do this.

Run Around To Loot
Run is the best option if you are in a bad spot.

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