The most important mission in Free Fire is to survive and be the last man standing. However, many players get eliminated very early and it is hard for them to get the Booyah! Sometimes it was just because of bad luck but a lot of times it was the mistake they made during the early game.

In this article, we will show you 4 important tips to survive in early game so you don't get killed quickly and reach the end zone.

#1. Don't stay too far from your team in Squad

It's true that you should look in different buildings in Squad so your team can get the most loot the fastest. But staying too far from your team can pose a great threat. They won't be able to back you up quickly if you get killed and the enemy will just finish you right away. This will also affect the power of your team for the rest of the game.

Squad Free Fire
Your teammate can watch your back for the enemy while you are looting

#2. Don't chase the enemy for too long

If your gear is not very good at the moment, it might not be worth chasing an enemy who already got away, especially at the early game. Spending too much time doing this will reducing your time to collect loot and prepare for the mid-game. Try to finish them quickly or leave them.

Free Fire Ranked Match
Finish the enemy quickly

#3. Stay away from the Blue Zone

The Blue Zone is where you can find the best loot and special op items in Free Fire. Thus it is a dangerous place with many people. There is a high chance that you will get killed quite fast before you even get any good loot. Therefore, if you are a newcomer, or just start the game, try to keep a good distance from this area.

 Free Fire Level 4 Helmet
You can find the best loot in the Blue Zone but the highest chance to get killed as well.

#4. Know when is the good time to run

Realizing that you are in a bad engagement and run away early will help you survive much longer in Free Fire. By doing this,  you are also not wasting your resources such as Gloo Wall and Med Kit into useless fights.

Running Free Fire
Running from bad fight early

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