Free Fire has balanced some guns in the recent update OB31. Some weapons have damage buff, making them more powerful and deadly for faster kills. Here are the best Free Fire gun combos with higher damage after this update.

#1. M14 & Thompson

The weapon combination of M14 and Thompson can cover all ranges of gunfights, from short to long-range combat. Thompson is one of the best close-range weapons for hot-drop locations. Despite its low base damage, this SMG is still powerful due to its high firing rate.

M14 is a powerful AR that can work like a DMR for mid and long-range combat. It has a high base damage of 77 and low bullet drops. It also has great mobility for players to dodge bullets while keep firing. But you should only use it as a backup weapon due to its low rate of fire.

M14 can cover both mid and long-range combat.

#2. SCAR & M1014

SCAR is one of the best ARs in Free Fire for mid-range combat. Its statistics are very balanced. In specific, the damage point, range, firing rate, and movement speed are around 53 to 62. There is no outstanding feature, but all necessary features are high enough for fast kills.

You should use an M1014 as the backup gun in this game combo. It has a high base damage of 94 but it's only effective in close combat. Besides, its movement speed is also high enough for dodging bullets.

Scar Is The Most Balanced Ar
SCAR is the most balanced AR in Free Fire.

#3. AWM & UMP

One of the best Free Fire gun combos for in-game leader and sniper roles is UMP and AWM. UMP is a nice Sub-machine gun for close combat. This SMG is one of the most balanced guns with a high firing rate, reload speed, movement speed, and armor penetration.

AWM is the most powerful sniper rifle in Free Fire with a super high base damage of 90. You can take one target down with an accurate headshot only. UMP is a great backup gun for players to reflex in panic situations.

Free Fire Ump
UMP is a great backup gun for snipers.

#4. SKS & MP5

Another great gun combo for Free Fire after update OB31 is SKS and MP5. This combo also covers all ranges of combat. MP5 will cover close combat well. Besides, MP5 has a large ammo capacity for a squad clutch.

SKS is one of the best Marksman Rifles for mid-range and long-range gunfights. Its high armor penetration and firing rate make this gun very useful to deal with moving targets in the open ground.

Sks Free Fire
Use SKS to cover long-range combat.

#5. AK & M1887

The gun combo of AK and M1887 is the best choice for fraggers in Free Fire. This combo covers both close and mid-range combat and both of them have high base damage points. M1887 is the best shotgun with a super high base damage of 100.

AK is a very balanced and powerful gun with high base damage, effective range, firing rate, and mobility. You should always hold this gun as the main weapon when playing in hot-drop locations. M1887 is the backup gun when you fall into a trap, but you have to master AR's recoil and drag headshot skills.

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