Solo vs Squad is probably the hardest thing player could do in Free Fire, as they would have to face down the whole enemy team alone. However, playing solo vs squad can let players score a lot of kills than normal, as enemies won't kill each other as fast. To win in this mode, picking the right skill is vital. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best skills to use in Free Fire Solo Vs Squad OB31.

1. Wukong's Camouflage

In solo vs squad, it is best to follow the hit and run tactic, taking down enemies one by one... as you stand no chance against multiple foes. In this case, Wukong's Camouflage ability is probably the best. It allows you to turn into a bush for a short amount of time, reducing your movement speed in the process.

Free Fire Wukong
Wukong used to be a joke character until OB27's buff

It works best as a skill to open the fight or disengage after getting a kill. The best part about camouflage is that it refreshes after a kill, so you can do the whole thing all over again. Just be careful when hiding inside buildings, as enemies won't be fooled by your disguise.

2. Alok's Drop the Beat

Speed and healing are always useful in all situations, and solo vs squad is not an exception to this rule. With Alok's ability equipped, you would be able to rotate and flank faster when needed, while having a little bit of regeneration and speed boost.

Dj Alok
Alok is the best DJ in Free Fire currently.

The lower cooldown of the skill allows you to participate in fights constantly, with minimal downtime. This can't be said for a lot of active abilities in the game.

3. Skyler's Riptide Rhythm

The biggest problem you might have to face in solo vs squad is enemies' Gloo wall and grenade spamming. By picking Riptide Rhythm, you would have the ability to damage and possibly destroy their walls, while gaining an HP buff in the process.

With gloo getting an indirect buff after Chrono's rework, picking Skyler will definitely counter the squad's strategies.

Skyler has definitely become more useful in this OB31 meta.

4. Clu's Tracing Steps

While Tracing Steps is not really an effective skill in normal mode, it is actually fairly useful in solo vs squad. As teams usually stick together, as soon as you detect one member, you should be able to predict the locations of everyone.

However, just be careful when using Tracing Steps, as it won't display the location of players who are crouching or proning. This means you can still be ambushed easily.

Clu is often underestimated.

5. Chrono's Time Turner

While Chrono's Time Turner is no longer a win button for all fights, it can still be used to great effect if your timing is good. Chrono's ability protects you from a whopping 800 weapon damage, which is high enough that most people won't bother shooting at. In tight situations, just throw down one of that and heal yourself up.

The 120s cooldown is fairly decent - you can use the shield as an escape tool every 2 minutes.

Despite the nerf Chrono is still worth using.

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