Free Fire recently made a change to many characters in the in-game store so people can purchase them with Gold instead of Diamonds. This is a huge change for free-to-play players as they will now have more character options for their combo. In this article, we are going to make a list of the best Free Fire characters to purchase with gold right now.

1. Luqueta

Luqueta got a huge buff in a recent update. He can now gain up to 50 Max HP. Each kill will gain him 25 max HP. Having 250 Max HP is a great advantage over other players in combats, as long as you have enough resources to heal to full HP, of course.

Luqueta Skill
Luqueta Free Fire

2. Jota

Jota is one of the best characters for players with an aggressive playstyle. His ability heals you whenever you deal damage to the enemy or take down an enemy with your gun. With Jota, you will be able to keep your health high after every fight.

Jota Free Fire

3. Moco

Moco is one of the most used Free Fire characters in tournaments because she is simply so useful. Her skill can track the position of the enemy you hit for 5 seconds. If she is Awaken, the skill can last up to 11 seconds, which is insanely good.

Moco Free Fire
Moco Free Fire

4. Maxim

Maxim is another strong free-to-play character that you can use in almost every skill combo in Free Fire. His ability lets you consume healing items faster. This means you can heal yourself up super quickly in a fight and outside of the blue zone easily.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim Free Fire

5. Miguel

Miguel gains you 90 EP after every kill which is a great amount of HP regen. Also, his ability can be enhanced greatly in combo with A124 to make use of those extra EPs during combats.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel Free Fire

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