One of the most important techniques in Free Fire is drag headshot, which is the action of quickly dragging the Fire button upwards for headshots. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about drag headshot or dragshot in Free Fire.


Overall, Drag Headshots must be practiced a lot before trying to use it in actual combat. Different weapons also affect the ability to dragshot, with some weapons being easier than others.

1 - Pick the correct guns to use

The first step for practice is to pick a gun you are comfortable with to use. Overall, most guns can be dragged pretty easy, except for the AK, SCAR, Desert Eagle, M1014, UMP and P90

2 - Set custom HUD

Next is to make a suitable Custom Hud for dragging. Recommended Custom Hud sensitivity

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Here are the recommended sensitivity settings for your custom HUD - you would need a suitable custom HUD for dragshot. For easier dragshot, the fire button needs to be as big as possible so that it could be pressed more easily. Position it slightly above the original so that you could drag it up easier.

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3 - Test your skill in practice first

It is best to practice dragshot in training ground and clash squad normal to prepare yourself first without having to worry about losing points.

4 - Tips for Drag Headshots in Free Fire

Drag when enemies are close to you

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This technique would be more effective when enemies are close, as most guns would be more accurate when shooting at nearer targets. Just keep your aim steady and ready.

Don't rely too much on aim assist


The Aim assist is usually helpful but sometimes it could become a problem instead. To overcome this, aim away from the body first then drag when the aim assist is activated.

Try different weapons


Consider swapping to other weapon classes to practice after you have mastered one weapon.

Move/jump while shooting


Doing these actions might increase your chance to score headshots while drag... however, it also increases the chance that you would be headshot.

Get the high ground


Getting the high ground would also be a big aid in improving your headshot ability.

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