Free Fire characters are not created equal. Garena has been adding a number of characters every year, and the newer characters have always been stronger than the older ones. Therefore, it might be a good idea to buff the older characters so that they can compete in the Free Fire meta.

In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 Free Fire characters who need buffs in 2022.

1. Antonio

Antonio's ability is a passive skill that increases players' HP by 35 at the beginning of the match. This HP excess is removed by damage, unlike Luqueta's bonus skill. Afterward, players would not be able to reach 235 max HP again.

Antonio Free Fire
Antonio can give you 35 Max HP at the start of the match

Overall, while this skill is powerful in round based modes like Clash Squad or Lone Wolf, it is nearly useless in the Battle Royale mode, where players take damage throughout the match. The skill could definitely be buffed in certain ways, such as providing extra bonuses to EP or damage.

2. Otho

Otho's ability is a passive skill called Memory Mist. After eliminating an enemy, players would be able to reveal the position of their teammates within 50 meters for a few seconds. This info is then shared with all members of the squad.

Otho is one of the newest characters released in the game

Overall, outside of the squad mode, this ability is not that useful. In order to buff this, Garena should definitely add some extra effects such as a damage buff or HP regeneration.

3. Alvaro

Alvaro is one of the oldest characters released in Free Fire, with a nearly useless skill that increases explosive weapon damage and area of effect. Players only throw a few grenades in game every match, and not many of them hit at all, which makes Alvaro's ability rather redundant.

Alvaro is rarely used as his ability is just too niche amongst Free Fire characters

Rather than dealing more damage, this skill could focus on the Area of effect aspect, increasing the AoE of your grenade exponentially. This way, frag grenades would be more useful in Free Fire and become an option in matches.

4. Clu

Active skills do not stack with other active skills, therefore, they need to be powerful to be competitive. Clu's Tracing Steps is anything but powerful. When activated, it detects all enemies who are not in prone or squad positions in the 70 meters radius.

Clu's skill is nowhere near enough to compete with other Free Fire characters

While a 70-meter wallhack is useful, the condition of "not in prone or squad" is definitely not. Crouch or squat is a very popular function in Free Fire, as it makes you a smaller target and renders your gun more stable. This skill is likely to lure you in with a false sense of security, just for the camper to finish you off.

To buff this skill, Garena needs to remove the requirement.

5. Leon

Leon's ability seems to be strong at first - it allows players to regain some HP after they leave combat. However, when it comes to competitive mode, 30 HP is just not enough compared to a lot of skills out there, especially Jota's Sustained Raids.

Leon could definitely use a buff.

Overall, Garena could allow this skill to boost both HP and EP to make it more popular.

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