Free Fire's New Age event has introduced a lot of new content into the game, and amongst them, the Alpine map is probably the biggest. To encourage players to explore this map, Garena has released a special event that allows players to have a 360-degree view of various locations on Alpine. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get a diamond royale voucher from it.

How to complete the Free Fire treasure hunt event

The Free Fire Treasure Hunt event started on December 27 and last until January 10. Players who complete it will get a free Diamond Royale Voucher. To access the event, just press the Explore New Map event under the New Age section.

three event locations
The three event locations on the map: Snowfall, Docks and Vantage

In order to get the reward, players need to look for three hidden symbols placed on various locations in Alpine. The symbol is pink and looks like a flower.

Below are the places that players can find them:

Snowfall (on the 3rd view):

The symbol is on the roof of a building
The symbol is on the roof of a building

Vantage (on the 1st view):

The symbol is on the wall
The symbol is on the wall of the complex

Dock (on the 2nd view):

on the side of a structure in the port
The hardest to find symbol is on the side of a structure in the port.

After completion, the Diamond Royale Voucher will be sent to players via in game mail.

About the Alpine map

It has been quite a while since the last time Garena actually release a new map. Because of that, Alpine's addition is definitely most welcome. The Alpine map actually looks a lot similar to Bermuda, with the same separated southern island and docks on the east side of the map.

Alpine map
Alpine map is almost like a fusion of Bermuda and Purgatory.

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