Shotgun is one of the high-risk high-reward weapon classes in Free Fire. The weapon comes with a lot of drawbacks to make up for its high damage, and because of that, inexperienced players usually fail to use shotguns effectively. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 mistakes players often make while using shotguns.

It is vital that you avoid doing them in order to win the game.

1. Trying to use shotguns when out of range

Shotguns get less and less effective the further away you are from your target. In mid range, the pellets from shotguns barely deal any damage. Therefore, it is best to just use shotguns when you are as close as possible to your target to have the best impact.

Free Fire Spas12 Shotgun
This is the first mechanic player need to remember while using the shotguns.

Different shotguns have different effective ranges. For example, the M1887 might be slightly more effective than the M1014 at certain distances.

2. Not bringing a good alternative weapon

As shotguns are only effective at close range, it is vital that you carry a second main weapon to deal with enemies at mid and long range. Usually, people would just stick with an AR for versatility - picking less versatile backups like an SMG or sniper might get you killed.

3. Staying still while shooting

While it is easier to aim while staying still, this is actually a terrible decision when using a shotgun. While moving reduces your accuracy, shotguns fire a cluster of pellets and do not need pinpoint aiming to be effective.

Crouch To Avoid Shotgun Bullet
It is actually possible to crouch to avoid shotgun bullets in close fights.

Therefore, move or jump/run during close combat to throw off opponents' aim and maximize the advantage of the shotguns. If players can manage these maneuvers, they would be invincible in melee fights.

4. Panic spraying

When it comes to spraying opponents, Free Fire shotguns are actually the worst due to their low magazine size and slow fire rate. If you want to employ the strategy, just pick up SMGs, ARs or LMGs instead.

Instead of firing everything at the first sight of an enemy, try to aim a bit before firing. While you might get shot at, a correct hit of a shotgun would out damage them regardless.

5. Not aiming for the head

As shotguns can deal effective body shot damage, players often overestimate its power and give up aiming for headshots altogether. This is not a good thing to do, as torsos usually are heavily armored. Unless players have some armor penetration capability like Shirou's skill or the M1887, killing with body shots would be very slow.

Master Shotguns
Mastering Free Fire shotguns allow you to instantly kill other players with just one well placed shot.

This is why aiming for the general direction of the head is a must. Even if you miss and hit the torso, some pellets can still hit the head to deal extra damage.

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