Most pets in Free Fire have a skill, and picking the right pet can definitely give you a decent advantage in battle. Instead of just using one pet over and over again, it is best to change them based on the skills you are using. In this article, we are going to showcase the best pets to pair with K in Free Fire.

After K's massive buff in the OB31 update, he is much more powerful now, with a seemingly endless pool of EP. Therefore, pets with mechanics related to EP are his best choices.

K in Free Fire

1. Ottero

The otter pet Ottero comes with a skill called "Double Blubber", which restores players' EP when they are healed with medkits or treatment guns. While this ability might sound underwhelming, its number is big enough for the skill to be effective. At level 3, Double Blubber gives players 65% of HP healed back as free EP. This means for every medkit the user pop, they would get 48 EP back.

This EP can then be burned with K's master of all ability to quickly regain HP. You don't have to worry about overflowing, as K's ability passively increases the size of the EP pool.

Ottero in Free Fire

2. Mr. Waggor

With Chrono's nerf and Gloo wall grenades becoming the best tool in Free Fire once again, Mr. Waggor has probably become the most popular pet in the game. His ability "Smooth Gloo" gives you a free Gloo Wall grenade every 100 seconds if you only have one or less Gloo Wall grenade in your backpack.

If you don't have many pets and just want to use something that's useful in all situations, picking Mr. Waggor is probably the safest choice.

Free Fire Mr Waggor
Mr. Waggor in Free Fire

3. Agent Hop

Agent Hop is one of the newer pets released in Free Fire. Her ability is fairly simple - for every time the safe zone shrinks, she would give you some free EP. At max level, you can get up to 50 free EP every time the zone changes.

Overall, this ability has good synergy with K, who has a bigger EP pool and can burn EP right away with his skill.

Agent Hop
Agent Hop in Free Fire

4. Shiba

Being one of the oldest pets in Free Fire, the Shiba has a rather interesting ability. He can detect the location of mushrooms every few minutes, which players can pick up to gain extra EP. All EP regeneration related abilities like this perform super well on K.

Shiba in Free Fire

5. Falco

Falco is one of the best pets in Free Fire BR mode, especially when you are playing as a squad. Its increased landing and gliding speed allows you and your team to do a hot drop. Getting to the weapon first might be the difference between life and death in these situations.

Falco in Free Fire

At max level, the boost is 45% gliding speed and 50% diving speed, which is very substantial.

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