Free Fire is a fairly complex game with a number of utility items that allow players to gain a tactical advantage. By using them correctly, players would be able to improve their odds of victory. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 most useful utility items in Free Fire.

1. Inhaler

Currently, the Inhaler is probably the most useful healing item in Free Fire. They provide both EP and HP upon usage, similar to Ottero's Double Blubber. While acquiring them can be tricky, Inhalers are much easier to use than medkits as they are much faster.

Inhaler in Free Fire
Inhaler in Free Fire

Characters with EP related skills like A124 or K can greatly benefit from the inhaler. As their skills have an EP cost, players can use a few inhalers to deal with the issue.

2. Gloo Walls Grenade

These portable barriers are probably the most iconic item in Free Fire. There are a lot of ways to use Gloo walls, from blocking gunfire, trapping opponents, delaying vehicles and even climbing structures.

Use Gloo Walls To Defend
Use Gloo Walls to defend and survive.

The versatility of gloo wall grenades is why the penguin pet Mr. Waggor is the most popular pet in the game. With Skyler being super popular recently, players need to be careful as their wall could be destroyed at any time.

3. Vest and Helmet

These are the most basic utility items in Free Fire, providing damage reduction against gunfire and explosions. Players must get them in order to survive in combat.

Image 2 Free Fire Level 4 Helmet 7489
The Level 4 Helmet is the only thing that can stop an AWM and there is only one per match

Vests and helmets come in several grades, the higher the level, the better the damage reduction. However, there are weapons and skills that allow attacks to penetrate or even ignore armor. Therefore, players should not be careless even when they are wearing the best gear.

4. Flashbang

The flashbang is a situational utility item in Free Fire that can be effective in certain situations. When triggered, it explodes and blinds opponents, allowing the user to rush them or get to a better position.

Stun Enemies With Flashbangs
Stun Enemies With Flashbangs

Flashbang is super popular in other games with a smaller map. In Free Fire, however, it is not nearly as effective as combat usually happens in mid to long-range.

5. Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades create a smoke cloud that lasts for 25 seconds. It can't be seen through unless you are sitting right in the center of the smoke. Furthermore, there is a special feature the smoke grenade has that not many players know: it can disable aim-assist.

Use Smoke To Distract Enemies
Use Smoke To Distract Enemies

Enemies usually stop shooting at an area covered with smoke. This makes it easier for you to approach and aid your downed teammate. Furthermore, you can also smoke a location and step right inside to heal - enemies usually won't notice that. This strategy is quite effective in close-range battles and intense duels on areas without much cover.

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