Picking the right skill combo is very important in Free Fire, as characters' abilities can change the result of the fight. Currently, Alok, Skyler and Chrono are the most popular characters in the game, and most people build their combos around them.

However, if you don't have these three characters, it is still possible to build a meta combo. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 3 most effective Free Fire skill combos without Chrono, Alok or Skyler.

1. K + Miguel + Jota + Leon

This combo heavily focuses on healing, both during and after combat. K and Miguel revolve around EP. Their skills provide players with free EP that can be burned for HP regeneration both in and out of combat. After a recent buff in a previous patch, K's ability is much more powerful now.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel can give players limitless EP as long as they continue to eliminate enemies.

Jota and Leon's skills heal players both in and out of combat, allowing them to continue fighting without having to use medkit. After eliminating a target, players can just dodge out for a bit to get to full HP.

The best role for players with this combo is rusher, whose job is to spearhead the attacks. However, as none of the skills increase movement speed, players need to be careful when flanking or rotating.

2. Xayne + Nairi + Hayato Firebrand + Shirou

This is another rusher combo that focuses on dealing with Gloo Walls and combat using Walls in the later parts of the game. Both Xayne and Nairi can deal extra damage to walls with their abilities, which yield great results when stacked.

Xayne's ability keeps getting buffs after buffs in patches.

Nairi's ability allows players to heal their own Gloo Wall, and keep them up longer. With the skill, the enemy needs to fire their Skyler blast and attack immediately to clear the wall. Hayato and Shirou are a good combo at the end of the match, where players are closer to each other and taking damage is unavoidable. Hayato Awakened's ability reduces damage taken from the front, while Shirou allows the user to track enemies.

Nairi is extremely useful if you plan on using gloo walls.

This combo can be used on any type of build, but close range characters would be able to enjoy Hayato's abilities more.

3. Steffie + Maro + Rafael + Dasha

This is a pure sniper combo that makes use of Steffie's brand new ability. Her skill now creates an area that blocks throwables and regenerates players' armor every second. It also reduces ammo damage from enemies by 20%, allowing players to get an edge in aim duels.

Steffie's ability is no longer useless now.

Maro + Rafael and Dasha are a sniper combo that improves the weapon's damage and accuracy. Players should be able to deal much more damage with it. The only weakness of this combo is its lack of healing. Users might need to rely on their teammates' healing aura to sustain in the match.

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