The OB34 Advance Server update has just been released, and along with it, a huge number of changes. If Garena follows its usual procedure, most of these changes would be implemented in the release of OB34 later this month. Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 most notable changes in Free Fire Advance Server OB34 so that players could have a head start when the patch hits.

1. Mystery character

The new character comes with a special ability called "Sense Shockwave". It is a unique attack skill  - no other Free Fire characters have had a skill similar to this before. He is going to be the best pick for all rushers.

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New mystery character in OB34

Upon activation, the player character would create a drone that moves toward the nearest opponent within a 100-meter frontal distance. The drone automatically acquires targets - you don't even need to aim. Upon reaching the target, it would create a 5-meter AoE pulse explosion, dealing 25 damage and reducing the movement and firing speed of enemies in the radius.

The movement speed slow is 50% at all levels, with a 5 seconds duration. At level 6, the fire rate debuff increases to 35% and the cooldown decrease to 90s.

2. New Shark pet "Finn"

Finn is the newest pet in Free Fire OB34. It looks like a shark and comes with a skill named "Dash Splash". With the pet equipped, players and their teammates would gain a small boost in movement speed every time a player is knocked down in the 20 meters vicinity. The buff lasts for 5 seconds at max level and has a cooldown of 90.

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New Shark pet "Finn"

Overall, this pet is super weak and not worth your resource at all. The boost is small, the detection AoE is low, and the cooldown is massive. Just take any other pets but this one. However, Garena could fix this problem by removing the cooldown of the ability or increasing its buff.

3. Chrono's massive cooldown buff

After multiple consecutive nerfs in previous patches, Chrono has become a running meme in the Free Fire community. From the top pick of all matches, the character is pretty much unusable now. This is pretty unfair for players who spent money on buying him.

Chrono Ob31 Free Fire
The new version of Chrono is nearly useless.

In Ob34, looks like Garena has changed their mind a little bit. Chrono's ability is going to get a 30 second cd reduction, which allows players to use it more often. Overall, the ability is still fairly underpowered and hard to use.

4. New sniper rifle M24

Garena has been steadily adding more guns to Free Fire with every big update, and OB34 is not an exception. In this patch, a new sniper rifle named M24 is going to debut. Its stats are not available so far, but from testing, the gun is pretty much an improved version of the Kar98k.

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New sniper rifle M24

Players should be able to snipe more effectively with the M24's higher damage and fire rate.

5. Bomb Squad 5v5

The Bomb Squad mode is actually an old game mode that was added to Free Fire some time ago, during the OB20 update. It is based on the classic gameplay of Counter Strike, with 2 teams going against each other, one plants a bomb and one defuses it.

In OB34, the mode is going to become Ranked competitive, with two maps called El Pastelo and Stonescape.

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