Free Fire OB34 has just been released, and along with it, a great number of changes to a lot of Free Fire characters. Because of that, picking the right skills to use can be troublesome, especially when you use a passive character like Hayato. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best skills to combo with Hayato in the Free Fire OB34 update.

1. Homer

Homer is the new character of OB34. He has the potential to become the most broken character in Free Fire to date, with the first truly attack ability. His skill summons a drone that zips toward enemies in the 100-meter frontal range and creates a 5-meter pulse explosion.

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Homer is going to come out on 28/05

The explosion slows the movement speed of all enemies in the radius by 60% and their firing speed by 35%. On top of that, it also deals 25 damage. The slow effect last for 5 seconds and the ability has a 90 seconds cooldown at max level.

This skill is truly broken, as it can track the movement of enemies, reduce their damage output and slow them down. It is perfect for rusher builds where you can just go in alongside the drone. Currently, Homer is not available for purchase - it is likely that he would be released in his own event later.

2. Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh just got a huge buff for his Limelight passive in OB34. Before, the skill require players to get at least 6 kills for the full effect, which is really hard to do. In OB34, however, the requirement is cut down in half. This should allow players to gain the full bonus in half the time.

Wolfrahh is one of the most good-looking and aggressive characters in this game.

Limelight reduces damage taken by enemy headshots, which stacks with Hayato Awaken's skill of reducing damage taken from the front. At max level, the two skills could stack to 40 or even 50% headshot damage reduction (the maximum is 61.5%, when Hayato is at 10% HP).

3. Steffie

Steffie also receives a huge buff in OB34 that reduces her cooldown by 30 seconds. She can spam her ability fairly frequently now.


Her skill, Painted Refuge, creates a 4m area that blocks throwables. Allies in the area will restore 10% armor durability every second and reduce ammo damage taken from enemies by 20%. Lasts for 15s with a 60 seconds cooldown. The ammo damage reduction stacks with Hayato Awaken's ability, allowing players to do aim duel effortlessly with the skill activated.

4. Alok

Despite receiving the first nerf in years in OB34, Alok's healing circle is still as useful as ever. Drop the Beat creates a 5-meter aura that increases the movement speed of players inside by 15% and restores their HP by 5 per second.

Dj Alok

The update nerfs Alok's cooldown massively in the early levels - players need to max him to get back down to 50s cd. This is still 5 seconds longer than the OB33 version. Despite this, the DJ is still perfect in combo with other characters, such as Hayato.

5. Nikita

Another rusher-oriented character - Nikita's skill has been overhauled in the previous patch. Her ability now increases the reload speed of all guns and boosts the damage of an SMG's last 6 bullets. Overall, if players are going in full rush with SMGs, Hayato + Nikita is a deadly combo.


Hayato's armor piercing skill bolsters the SMGs' damage and lack of ammo penetration.

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