Picking the right landing spot in Free Fire battle royale mode is a critical decision. Depending on your playstyle, experience in-game, and character builds, some locations have more advantages than others. Luckily, the Bermuda map has all types of locations. There are hot drop locations for aggressive players, tactical drops for passive players, and even save havens for beginners.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best landing spots in Free Fire Bermuda map 2022.

1. Peak

It's the most crowded place in Free Fire. The peak is located in the heart of Bermuda and on the upper ground, making it a great place to observe the surrounding area. However, there are very few places to hide because you can only find a few compounds and houses in Peak. Therefore, players often have to engage early when landing here, against one or two enemy teams.


Fortunately, due to its location, the area offers easy rotations from all sides. Players can just make a tactical retreat toward the thick forest on the outer ring of the area if needed. They can also be used as cover to attack during a fight.

2. Clock Tower

This is another hot-drop location on the map Bermuda. Similar to Peak, early combat is also very common in Clock Tower. The greatest attraction in this southwestern drop location is the high rate of loots that players can find.

Clock Tower

Overall, it is not advisable for new players to land here, as many gunfights do break out in and around the area. However, it is not crowded enough that players would get fired at upon landing - if you are confident with your ability in contesting hot drops, Clocktower is a strong choice to start out the match.

3. Hangar

Located in the southwest part of the map and adjacent to Clock Tower and Bimasakti Strip, Hangar is a low-risk, high-reward location. By landing here first, players should be able to pick off people who rotate into the area later.


However, due to the high level of traffic in general, the Hanger is not that friendly to new players. It is best to loot fast and start camping, as other players might come over very soon.

4. Shipyard

The Shipyard has top-tier gears and some of the best weapons spawns in the game. The place lies on the north coast and is pretty compact - looting it would be pretty easy. However, there are a lot of hiding places in the Shipyard, and getting ambushed is a common occurrence.


Try to check the high ground often for campers, as they usually rotate to the high ground to snipe at players below. Due to their height advantage, counterattacking rarely works so it's best to run away.

5. Sentosa

Being on the other side of Bermuda, Sentosa is a safe spot to land, especially for beginners. The island has a lot of open space, buildings and covers - players can hide from opponents fairly easily.


Additionally, what makes this location so good is the amount of loot that can be found here. Survivors can procure a wide variety of equipment and high-tier loot, enough for more than one squad to gear up. However, you may have problems with those "gatekeepers", or bridge camper. They will camp on the bridge to pick up moving squads from the other side. Always stay alert when passing through.

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