The character system is one of the biggest selling points of Free Fire battle royale, with each player getting the ability to choose a roster of 4 skills. Picking the right skill that supplements your playstyle is a must if you want to win. However, most players just pick the popular characters or use the same combo every time instead of trying to figure out what's actually useful. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most underrated characters in Free Fire that players should use more.

1. Wolfrahh

  • With every additional kill: Damage taken from headshots decreases by 10%, up to 30%. Damage to the enemy's limbs increases by 10%, up to 30%.

While Wolfrahh's skill requires some kills to trigger its effect, the bonuses are fairly high and are useful in all stages of the game. New players can definitely make use of this damage reduction, especially in the early matches where they face low skill players and bots. Recent patch has buffed the skill greatly - players only need 3 kills to get the full effect.

Wolfrahh's ability is much more useful now in OB34.

2. Luqueta

  • Every kill increases the max HP by 25, up to 50.

Luqueta's kill can increase your Max HP whenever you get a kill, up to 50 Max HP. At the max level, you only need 2 kills to get the full amount. It is fairly decent in the BR mode because getting 2 kills is not a hard requirement. With a higher max HP pool, you should be able to deal with enemies much more easily.

Free Fire Luqueta
Luqueta's bonus Max HP will be gone at the start of each round in Clash Squad

The extra HP from Luqueta's skill prevents players from getting finished off with one headshot, which is a pretty common thing in Free Fire.

3. Elite Moco

  • Tag the enemies that Moco shot for a few seconds.

Elite Moco has the ability to tag enemies shot for 5 seconds, with the Elite ability increasing it to 8. This allow players to "wall hack" and follow the location of enemies, even when they hide behind obstacles.

Garena Free Fire Moco Rebirth
Moco Awaken is always the go-to option for all players.

Moco is used universally among all pro players in Free Fire simply because her ability is just too good. Knowing the location of the enemies will give a lot of strategic advantages and prevent them from being able to escape. This is especially useful in team games, where enemies move as a group.

4. Leon

  • Recovers 30 HP after surviving combat.

Leon's ability is a super versatile passive that regenerates HP without any limit whatsoever. The critical part about this skill is probably its levels - the heal amount increases greatly from level 1 to level 6. While 30HP is a very small amount, it stacks up over time in longer fights. The activation time seems to be 3 seconds. You only need to duck away from combat for a moment for Buzzer Beater to trigger.

Free Fire Leon
Leon's skill is very easy to use - players only need to avoid combat a little to get free regeneration.

This synergizes pretty well with Gloo walls and Skyler's regeneration. Players can just create their own wall and use it as a cover to regenerate some HP.

5. Maro

  • Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 30%. Upon a successful rescue, user recovers 50 HP in 5s.

Maro's ability is the easiest way to boost damage in a sniper build. As all sniper guns have long-range, you would be able to get the most out of Maro's damage boost. 20% extra damage is not a joke, especially when it is multiplied in a headshot, for example. You should be able to one-shot kill enemies with Level 3 helmets by headshotting them with Maro's skill.

Free Fire Maro
Maro is one of the few characters with a skill that outright boosts damage.

Falcon Fervor also has an extra bonus for marked targets - you can combine it with Clu or Shirou's abilities for even more damage. This is amongst the best passive skills for snipers ever created.

6. Dimitri

  • Creates a 3.5m healing zone. Inside, users and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, users and allies can self-recover to get up.

Healing Heartbeats creates a healing aura similar to Alok, however, it isn't as big and does not restore as much HP. At least the total HP restored is 45, a fairly respectable amount.

Dimitri's ability is a good alternative to replace Alok's healing aura.

The best part of this skill is probably the "self-recover" ability that affects the user and all teammates in the area when downed. Overall, this ability is super useful in Clash Squad - if you get taken down next to a cover, you can just scuttle into it and get up by yourself. Rescuing teammates is much easier, as enemies will not be able to ambush you anymore. Just activate the skill and wait there looking out.

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