Garena has just released a new even called Moco Store, which allows players to collect up to 6 rewards by spending some diamonds. Grand Prizes include Gloo Wall skins, while the Katana skin is available in the Bonus Prize section. Additionally, the reason players are so excited about this event is the fact that they can get a number of guaranteed items in the spins. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire MAX Moco store.

1. About Free Fire MAX Moco Store

In this event, players can select one item each from the Grand prizes and Bonus prizes roster. Afterward, they can spend diamonds in a spin for a 1/6 chance to get them. Besides the two prizes, there are also 4 other items - once an item has been acquired, it would not be repeated. This means players are guaranteed to get the prize they picked, as long as they can pay the increased cost of spins.

Grand Prizes

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The grand prizes containing a number of rare gloo wall skins.
  • Gloo wall – Aqua Rogue
  • Gloo Wall – Pink Wink
  • Gloo Wall – Disco Fiasco
  • Gloo Wall – Stormbringer
  • Gloo Wall – Death Guardian
  • Gloo Wall – Shamrock Explosion

Bonus Prizes

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The bonus prizes have a number of good-looking katanas, completely with particle effects.
  • Katana – Blood Moon
  • Katana – Booyah Day
  • Katana – Season of Pink
  • Katana – Sword of Honor
  • Katana – Whirlwind Blade
  • Katana – Black Honor

2. About the prize pool

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The first two spins are the cheapest - players can just spin 2 times to test their luck, then stop.

Once players have picked the prizes, the spin pool would be as follow:

  • Victory Wings Loot Crate
  • Rampage Hyperbook Crate
  • Cube Fragment
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (Expiry 31 July 2022)
  • Other previously selected items

Below are the prices of spins to draw the rewards. The first two spins are super cheap, which means there is a chance for players to get some of the skins for a minuscule amount of diamonds.

  • 1st spin: 9 diamonds
  • 2nd spin: 19 diamonds
  • 3rd spin: 49 diamonds
  • 4th spin: 79 diamonds
  • 5th spin: 179 diamonds
  • 6th spin: 499 diamonds

It is fairly straightforward to get rewards from Moco Store. Just open the Luck Royale section in Free Fire MAX and select the Moco Store option. Afterward, pick one item for each prize pool and confirm the selection. Be careful, as once players have selected the items, they cannot be changed.

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Confirm your selection to begin the spin.

Spin using diamonds to get the item. Overall, this is definitely a worthwhile event if you can get one of these two items in the first two spins. Even in the worst case, 6 spins would only cost 834 diamonds, which is a good deal if you want all the items.

Some items in the prize pool, such as the Gloo Wall – Stormbringer for example, are already available in the shop at a lower rate. If players already own them or have a discount coupon, they can get the Stormbringer Gloo wall straight from the shop without having to spin.

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