Sultan Proslo is a popular Indonesia Free Fire MAX YouTuber. His real name is Dyland Maximum Zidane and he owns the Dyland PROS YouTube channel. In fact, his channel is one of the most well-known Free Fire channels in the world with over 15 million subscribers.

Here is everything you need to know about Sultan Proslo including his ID, stats, rank, and more.

Sultan Proslo Free Fire MAX ID, stats, and rank

Sultan Proslo’s Free Fire MAX ID is 16207002. He is currently in the BOSUPROS guild, which is also led by him. His account level is 62 with 7904 likes. He has reached the Heroic tier in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad this season.

One thing that really stands out about his profile is his Elite Pass levels. At one point, he even reached 261,166 level on his Elite Pass, which definitely cost him tons of money. Let's dive in and see what his in-game stats look like.

Sultan Proslos Free Fire Max Id
Sultan Proslo is a popular Indonesia Free Fire MAX YouTuber.

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

The YouTuber played a total of 707 matches in Solo mode and won 73 of them. His overall win rate is 10.32%. He took down a total of 1873 enemies with a K/D ratio of 5.10.

In Duo mode, he played 263 matches with 63 victories, which translates to a win rate of 23.95%. His K/D ratio in this mode is 4.60 with 919 kills.

In Squad mode, he played 1768 with 603 victories, making a 34.10% win rate in this mode. With a total of 4851 kills, his K/D ratio is 4.16.

Sultan Proslo
Lifetime Battle Royale stats of Sultan Proslo in Free Fire.

As you can see, Sultan Proslo plays Solo and Squad the most. While he has the most kills in Solo mode, his win rate in Squad mode is the highest.

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