Garena is going to release the OB35 patch at the end of July, and to prepare for that, they are going to set up an Advance server. This is a unique client that allows players to try out the new features and give feedback. In this article, Gurugamer is going to show you how to get an activation code for Free Fire OB35 Advance Server.

1. About Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

The OB35 Advance Server is going to start on July 7, 2022. Similar to the previous tests, players can download the APK around 9:00 AM UTC/2:30 PM IST, while the server may open a few hours later. Only Android players can participate in this test, and the client will remain open until July 14, 2022.

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Free Fire Advance Server opening time

As the Advance Server is just temporary, all the user data will be erased when the test period is over.

2. How to register for Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

Similar to previous advance servers, players can register for the OB35 version on the advance server website. Below is a step-by-step guide for the process:

  • Visit the official website of Free Fire Advance Server registration.
  • Login with your social media account. You should use the one associated with your Free Fire account if possible.
  • Fill in the details of your registration form and tap "join now" to complete the process.
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There are two options for players to register, Google and Facebook.

Your application will then be submitted for review. Only a few players will be provided with an activation code. To increase your chance of getting in, using multiple accounts might be a good idea. If your account gets picked, you will receive an activation code to access the advance server.

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Players can actually get diamonds from discovering bugs in the Advance server.

The age of the account matters - it is best to use an email with an older associated account. Newly created clones won't be selected for the Advance Server. After you have gained a code, just download the Free Fire Advance Server APK, log in, and input the code to get access. Each Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code can only be used on one account so it is best that you don't share it with anyone.

This also means that all articles that provide activation codes on the internet are likely to be false.

3. What are the rewards of playing OB35 Advance Server?

Outside of getting to try out the new features first, players can also earn a good amount of diamonds if they are fast. This means logging in and playing the game on the first day is a must - only by doing that could you discover bugs early to earn those free diamonds.

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The diamond prizes for the best bug hunters. 

The top 6 bug reporters would get 1000 - 3000 diamonds. For each unknown bug report, you would get 100 diamonds. These would be added to your main account after the advance server ends.

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