Free Fire top-up events are probably the best type of events in the game. They offer players rewards for free after they purchase a specific number of diamonds. Players can then use the diamonds for whatever they want. Valuable characters, pets and skins usually get introduced as part of top-up events, and this July, Homer character is going to be the grand prize.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to get the free character and bundle in Free Fire Homer Top-Up event.

1. About Homer Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX

The Homer Top-Up event was introduced on June 30 and will last for one week, until July 6, 2022. The requirements for redeeming the free rewards are as follow:

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Homer is a powerful character - it is probably Garena's intention to give him out for cheap.
  • Purchase 100 diamonds to receive free Homer character
  • Purchase 500 diamonds to receive Homer’s Sightless Assassin Bundle

This is huge, as the previous character releases cost at least 300 or more. The requirements for these events are cumulative, which means players can purchase diamond multiple times and still get the free bundle, as they only need to buy that amount of diamonds during the event duration.

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Homer's special outfit needs to be bought separately.

To get Homer, players must purchase diamonds worth INR 80. A pack of 520 diamonds priced at INR 400 will net them the bundle. After payment is complete, players can redeem the character in the event page.

2. How strong is Homer in Free Fire?

Overall, Homer is a great character in both Clash Squad and BR, however, he probably shines more in Clash Squad. With it being a fast-paced team mode and enemies often clustered together, players should be able to hit multiple with one drone blast. The 90 seconds cooldown is a bit high but still manageable.

Homer is going to be deadly in Clash Squad and BR.

In BR modes, players need to use Homer's drone more sparingly and at close range, as they need to reach the enemy to take advantage of the slow.

Ability: Senses Shockwave (active)

Releases a drone to the nearest frontal enemy, creating a 5m-diameter pulse explosion which reduces enemy movement speed and firing speed and inflicts 25 damage on them. The duration of the slow effect is 5 seconds. The search area of the drone is 100m frontal distance, which is fairly large.

Level Ability
1 Reduces movement speed by 10% and firing speed by 10%. CD: 140s.
2 Reduces movement speed by 20% and firing speed by 15%. CD: 130s.
3 Reduces movement speed by 30% and firing speed by 20%. CD: 120s.
4 Reduces movement speed by 40% and firing speed by 25%. CD: 110s.
5 Reduces movement speed by 50% and firing speed by 30%. CD: 100s.
6 Reduces movement speed by 60% and firing speed by 35%. CD: 90s.

Overall, this ability can completely cripple an enemy for five seconds, preventing them from either running away or fighting back. To counter the drone, players should create a Gloo Wall to block enemy fire immediately.

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