Garena has done a number of Free Fire collaborations with celebrities in the past, such as K, Alok, and Cristiano Ronaldo, which provide players with the celeb themselves as characters. The newest partnership for OB35 is going to be with Larissa de Macedo Machado, a Brazilian singer who goes by the stage name of Anitta.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the new Anitta character in Free Fire.

1. About the new Anitta character

At the moment, the character is only available on the Brazil server. The Anitta character's in-game name is called A-Patroa. This is likely to get changed in the global English server into something else. She is given away for free as a login reward - Brazil server players only need to log in between July 2 and 3 to receive the character.

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The new Anitta character

Similar to all other collaborations, she is most likely to be free in the global server as well.

Anita's skill (or lack thereof)

A-Patroa is an owner of a music shop, which doubles as a safe haven for the local community. She uses her music to rehabilitate people.

Unlike the other Free Fire characters who individually come with unique skills, Anita does not come with any ability of her own. She has 4 skill slots that players can put any abilities that they have in, to create a combination. Overall, she is pretty much just a "base character" of sorts, if you want to use a character's active ability without actually using the character.

This somewhat makes sense, as the character is given away for free. Garena wouldn't do this if they have a powerful skill that can change the game.

2. Anitta's special bundle

Each character in Free Fire comes with a special bundle, and A-Patroa is not an exception. Her Sound Crafter Bundle is also offered for free as part of the top-up event in exchange for purchasing any amount of diamond. The bundle is pretty sexy, with a Harley Quinn vibe - it is well worth the smallest amount of Diamond you can purchase.

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Anitta's special bundle

The Sound Crafter bundle includes:

  • Sound Crafter (Top)
  • Sound Crafter (Bottom)
  • Sound Crafter (Shoes)
  • Sound Crafter (Mask)
  • 900x Universal Fragments

Additionally, there is also a Twerk emote available for free, along with several gun skins. It is likely that the Global server is also going to get a similar deal.

3. Who is Anitta?

Larissa de Macedo Machado (born March 30, 1993), better known by her stage name Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, businesswoman and TV presenter. She rose to national fame with the release of her single "Show das Poderosas" in 2013.

Anitta Free Fire Collab
Free Fire x Anitta collab

Anitta has received numerous accolades and several nominations at the Latin Grammy Awards, Latin American Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards and Premios Lo Nuestro awards. Anitta has won five MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Brazilian Act, and became the first Brazilian artist to win the award for Best Latin American Act. In 2017, she was ranked as one of the most influential celebrities on social media according to Billboard.

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