Evolution skins (Evo skins for short) are the most powerful type of skins in Free Fire. They come with a lot of special effects, including both graphical and gameplay. Today, Garena has finally released the ninth Evo Gun skin, MP5 Platinum Divinity, into Free Fire MAX. Like all previous Evo skins, players need to obtain it via the Luck Royale Faded Wheel. The events will last from now until July 20, 2022.

In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase how to get the new Evo skin Platinum Divinity MP5 and its various effects.

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1. About MP5 Platinum Divinity Faded Wheel

Players have only 2 weeks to try to get the MP5 Platinum Divinity. After the event ends, they would need to wait for a rerun, which does not happen very often. Below are the items in the reward pool of this event:

  • MP5 Platinum Divinity
  • 1x Cube Fragment
  • Imp-Heads Weapon Loot Crate
  • Divinity Skyboard
  • Destiny Wing Token
  • Game Streamer Weapon Loot Crate
  • Wings of Divinity
  • Platinum Divinity (Blue) Token Box
  • Divinity Trophy
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry Date: 31 July 2022)

Before spinning, players can remove 2 prizes they dislike from the prize pool. Afterward, users can begin to spin using diamonds. As this is a Faded Wheel event, there won't be any duplicates - prizes they have earned would be removed from the prize pool, increasing the chance for the MP5 Platinum Divinity to drop.

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However, due to the guaranteed nature of the prize, players need to spend additional diamonds for each spin they make. The prices are 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 diamonds. This means after 8 spins costing 1082 diamonds, players have a guaranteed chance to obtain all the rewards, including the MP5 Platinum Divinity. This is a fairly good deal, especially if players manage to get the skin in earlier spins.

2. How to upgrade the MP5 Platinum Divinity

Getting the gun is one thing, upgrading it to get the maximum effect is another. The cost of upgrading an Evo gun skin in Free Fire MAX is a bit higher than the diamonds required to get it from the Faded Wheel. Players will need a total of 1450 Destiny Wing Tokens, which is the equivalent of a few thousand diamonds.

How the MP5 Platinum Divinity looks in-game

Similar to other evolution skins, the MP5 Platinum Divinity also has 7 levels:

Level 1

Overall, level 1 of the Platinum Divinity is rather tame. It looks like a normal MP5 skin, with futuristic designs and a golden wing-like particle effect.

At level 1, the skin has a bonus of + damage, + rate of fire and - reload speed. This is already pretty high amongst MP5 skins, and the weapon can definitely use some extra damage.


Level 2

The weapon gains special kill announcements at level 2. Kills made using this skin will have a distinct announcement that differs from the normal ones.


Level 3

The skin gets a massively upgraded look at level 3. The body of the gun gets a pair of ornate wings while the barrel of the gun gets covered with golden ornaments. Other details such as the handle and the stock of the weapon have also been streamlined for a more bulky look. The Platinum Divinity now looks distinctly different from the usual legendary skin.


Level 4

The hit effect of the Platinum Divinity is an explosion of golden and orange. This would be super flashy and impactful, especially when fully spraying at an opponent. This is an unique type of effect that only Evo Gun skins have.


Besides the hit effect, level 4 also improves the attribute bonuses of the skin. It now gives ++ damage instead of just +.

Level 5

2 effects are added at level 5 - The firing effect and kill effect. The firing effects look extremely good, as it makes the weapon release a burst of golden light every time you shoot. As the MP5 has high fire rate, your sprays would look particularly flashy.


The killing effect is also very good-looking - it displays the golden form of a human with a pair of wings. Players and their teammates would immediately know if they score a kill with this weapon.


Level 6

Level 6 upgrades the appearance of the MP5 Platinum Divinity to its final form. The two wings get twice as big, with every other detail getting more and more elaborate. The weapon actually looks like a bird now. The golden wings particle effects also get much bigger than the previous level.


This level also unlocks a special effect that gives players extra EP when they damage enemies. This is super useful, as they can regenerate more HP after surviving a firefight.

Level 7

The final level improves the particle effects of the MP5 Platinum Divinity. It now has a golden feather effect emitting from the winged part of the gun.


Additionally, level 7 also unlocks a unique emote. It shows how the player character summons the gun from a burst of golden light. Afterward, they hold the gun and shoot at the screen.


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