Garena usually releases a new character or two with every "OB" update, and looks like OB36 is not an exception to this rule. Tatsuya is the newest character in Free Fire, with an ability called Rebel Rush. It allows the user to move forward at a rapid speed and can be accumulated for consecutive use. This makes the skill essential in Rusher builds.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best characters to combo with Tatsuya in Free Fire OB36.

New character: Tatsuya

The new Tatsuya character is popular amongst rushers.

Tatsuya is the new male character in Free Fire OB36. He is the younger brother of Shirou. His ability is an active skill called Rebel Rush:

  • Dashes forward at a rapid speed for 0.2/0.2/0.2/0.3/0.3/0.3s. Dash replenish time: 175/160/150/140/130/120s. This skill can be accumulated for up to 2 uses, with a 5-second cooldown between each use.

Overall, this "burst movement" skill would open up a lot of options in close range fights. With the explosive speed, players should be able to throw off the aim of their foes.

Characters to combo with Tatsuya

1. D-Bee

  • When firing while moving, movement speed and accuracy increase.

D-Bee, is literally designed to be aggressive, which suits Tatsuya's playstyle greatly. With D-Bee's ability, you can zip around with an SMG and approach enemies at lightning speed. The movement speed bonus stacks with Tatsuya skill as well, which can enhance your rushes even further.

The accuracy helps a lot when using low accuracy guns like SMGs and shotguns.

D Bee

Unlike a lot of skills in Free Fire, D-Bee's ability works on all guns, so you don't have to worry about changing weapons. The only weakness of this skill is that it is rather hard to get used to.

2. Nikita

  • Reload speed increases by 24%. The final 6 bullets of the user's SMG will cause 20% more damage.

Nikita's ability has been buffed to work on all weapons, which makes the skill useful for sniper users. The extra damage is fairly situational, but SMG users can definitely make it work later on, especially in the last circle where the fights are in close range.

Free Fire Nikita Character

Players can combo Nikita's ability pretty weill with Tatsuya, as the extra reload speed benefits shotguns.

3. Jota

  • When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user. Furthermore, knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP.

Jota's ability has become much more popular ever since its change. The skill now allows the user to gain some extra HP in a fight when dealing damage to enemies. Furthermore, after a kill, players would get an extra 20% maximum health as healing. This skill is way more useful than the previous version, as it can be used on any gun and has no cooldown.

Jota Free Fire

4. Dasha

  • Reduce fall damage, recoil buildup, maximum recoil

Dasha's ability deals with the recoil issue that players often have when rushing. It reduces both recoil and recoil buildup, allowing players to control their sprays much more easily. This has great synergy with Tatsuya's ability, which also focuses on rushing.

Free Fire Dasha

The extra component of reducing fall damage also works pretty well in Sniper builds. You can just jump straight down from your vantage point without having to worry about taking damage. This is great amongst passive skills for snipers.

5. Nairi

  • Heals Gloo walls over time, increases own damage against walls

Nairi is yet another character in Free Fire that revolves around Gloo wall. His ability allows players to heal their own Gloo wall over time while dealing extra damage to enemy walls with ARs. Having this skill allow players to combat walls much more effectively while boosting their own Gloo construct.

Nairi Character In Free Fire

While the damage bonus only works on AR, the Gloo wall heal is more than enough to combo with Tatsuya in Free Fire.

Best weapon for Tatsuya


The UMP gun in Free Fire is the most damaging SMG in the game, as it is the only SMG with the ability to pierce armor. With a whopping 63 points in AP, it can ignore up to two-third of enemies' damage reduction. Besides its excellent damage, the gun also has the highest reload and movement speed in the class. This allows you to be mobile and rotate faster.

Ump Free Fire

Try to fit it with attachments if you are going to stick with the UMP. A foregrip and muzzle are crucial, as the gun has a fairly high recoil and bullet spread.


Overall, the M1887 is an explosive weapon, with the highest damage stat in the game and 54 armor penetration on top. This makes the gun effective at any stage of the game. The 21 range is actually higher than all other shotguns in Free Fire - you can stand a little bit further and still hit the target.

The M1887 is best for performing 'One shot kill'

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