Free Fire has one of the most robust weapon systems in the battle royale genre. Players have the option to choose from a variety of weapons - from SMGs to ARs to DMRs... and more.

While the game is fairly balanced, there are certain guns that will give you an edge over other players. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best guns to use to push rank in Free Fire OB36.

1. Bizon

Bizon is Free Fire's newest SMG in this patch. It is a powerful weapon that specializes in close combat. Bizon has an extremely high rate of fire that can cause high damage, but with destructive damage also comes low accuracy. Players need to be careful in order to not waste their shots.

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The best part about this gun is its ability to equip pretty much all attachments in the game. With the Muzzle + Foregrip + Stock combo, players would have no problem dispatching enemies in close and even middle-range fights.

2. Charge Buster

The Charge Buster is a special shotgun that has a "charging" method. Players need to hold the fire button to charge up a powerful shot, with high damage, range and low spread. When fully charged, one shot is enough to instantly kill a target.

Charge Buster Free Fire

Players can use this weapon to destroy vehicles and gloo walls very easily. It can blow up Jeeps, blue cars and sports cars in 2 shots. Small vehicles like the amphibious bike can be blown up with a single shot.

3. M82B

The M82B definitely packs a lot of punch and is very versatile due to its numerous special abilities. It deals the same base damage as other sniper rifles with extra bonus damage to Vehicles and Gloo walls. Using this gun, you can easily snipe enemies behind Gloo covers, an important ability in the mid to late game. The armor-piercing part would ensure the M82B remains strong at the end of the game.


4. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a Marksman Rifle that excels in mid to long-range combat. The best part about the M21 is its armor-piercing ability. With a whopping 75 points in armor penetration stat (the highest in the game), the M21 Woodpecker can ignore up to 3/4 of enemies' damage reduction from armors and helmets. This would ensure its power in the late game, in which everyone would be wearing high-level gears.


Lastly, the Woodpecker has the highest accuracy amongst all AR or semi-auto sniper rifle in the game. With 69 points, you would be able to snipe from afar with relatively good results.

5. UMP

The UMP gun in Free Fire is the most damaging SMG in the game, as it is the only SMG with the ability to pierce armor. With a whopping 63 points in AP, it can ignore up to two-third of enemies' damage reduction. Besides its excellent damage, the gun also has the highest reload and movement speed in the class. This allows you to be mobile and rotate faster.

Ump Free Fire

Try to fit it with attachments if you are going to stick with the UMP. A foregrip and muzzle are crucial, as the gun has a fairly high recoil and bullet spread.

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