Free Fire is a fairly complex Battle Royale shooter, with a lot of elements like guns, character skills, pets... with guns and grenade usage being the most skill-intensive of them all. While pretty much all players know how to use guns, not many actually know how to use grenade in Free Fire effectively.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to use all types of Grenades effectively in Free Fire 2022.

1. How to use Gloo Grenades in Free Fire

Firstly, get the Waggor pet. Its "Smooth Gloo" ability would spawn a Gloo Grenade every 2 minutes if the player has less than 2 Gloo Wall grenades in their inventory. This effectively gives Waggor's owner an unlimited amount of Gloo Grenades... and in later phases of the game, when the circle has shrunk down, Gloo Walls are super useful.

Make Layers Of Gloo Wall To Surprise Enemies


While moving around, hold the Grenade button to have the Gloo Wall ready. While you would not be able to fire right away, you can deploy a cover at any time you need.

People usually think that you would hide behind a deployed Gloo Wall... you can take advantage of this and trick them. Create a Gloo Wall facing a completely unrelated spot to draw their attention then flank them. You can also use Gloo Walls to cover your retreat or block the way of vehicles as well.

2. How to use Smoke Grenades in Free Fire

Smoke grenades create a smoke cloud that lasts for 25 seconds. It can't be seen through unless you are sitting right in the center of the smoke. Furthermore, there is a special feature the smoke grenade has that not many players know: it can disable aim-assist. A good smoke can catch inexperienced players off-guard and give the user an advantage.

Smoke Grenade
Distract enemies with a smoke cloud.

Enemies usually stop shooting at an area covered with smoke. This makes it easier for you to approach and aid your downed teammate. You can also smoke a location and step right inside to heal - enemies usually won't notice that. This strategy is quite effective in close-range battles and intense duels on areas without much cover.

The smoke grenades are also excellent for going against camping enemies. In Free Fire, a lot of people will hide in shelters and houses to camp for enemies. Throwing a smoke grenade inside a camper's nest will temporarily startle and disorient them, allowing you to go in and fight.

3. How to use Frag Grenades in Free Fire

To use a normal Grenade effectively, you need to remember these three things:

  • Don't waste the grenade - use it if you are certain that enemies are taking cover in that location. Cook the grenade if you want to damage them... or just throw it normally and rush to shoot when they move away from the explosion.
  • You can use a quick grenade to kill downed enemies.
  • You can jump while throwing to increase the effective range of the throw.
Windows are great targets for grenades in Squad mode

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