Garena Free Fire OB36 Advance Server is almost here. It is going to bring a number of new additions, including a new pet, a new character, a new gun, and a new grenade. However, so far only the new gun and pet have been revealed. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the new wolf pet "Lupino" and the new Laser Treatment gun.

Registration for the OB36 Advance Server has recently opened, and the server is set to launch very shortly. According to exclusive sources, it might go live on September 14, 2022.

1. New Laser Treatment gun

Another new weapon of the Treatment gun series is going to be added to the Battle Royale (classic) and Clash Squad modes - the Laser Treatment gun.

Free Fire
The new treatment gun (bottom left)

Unlike the other weapon in the Treatment series, the Laser Treatment gun does not use projectiles. It fires a healing beam and can heal teammates on the other side of a wall or barrier. This has the potential to become the most useful healing weapon to date, as you won't have to move out of cover to boost teammates.

However, the range of the weapon is going to be a bit low. Outside of this, the other stats of the Laser Treatment gun have not been revealed yet.

2. New Lupino Wolf pet

Pets are companions in Free Fire that accompany players throughout the match and have a unique ability that increases their competitive advantage. While these abilities usually only have a minor impact compared to character skills, pets are usually priced higher than shop characters -  most of them costing 699 diamonds.

Lupino Wolf pet

A new pet called Lupino is going to be added to the game as part of the Advance Server OB36. It has a special ability to restore EP/HP to the user whenever a teammate is downed by an enemy. The bonus will come as EP if HP is full, or HP if HP is not full. This does not  exceed the HP/EP limit.

How good is the wolf pet?

Overall, this pet is not that useful, as it is useless in solo mode. In duo or squad modes, it can trigger at best 3 times, which is not that impressive.

The appearance of the pet is the real draw here. It looks pretty ferocious with red claws and armors all over its body.

3. How to register for Free Fire OB36 Advance Server

Similar to previous advance servers, players can register for the OB36 version on the advance server website. Below is a step-by-step guide for the process:

  • Visit the official website of Free Fire Advance Server registration.
  • Login with your social media account. You should use the one associated with your Free Fire account if possible.
  • Fill in the details of your registration form and tap "join now" to complete the process.
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There are two options for players to register, Google and Facebook.

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