In Free Fire Clash Squad and BR, close-range fights are probably the hardest. At that range, most players should be able to hit their targets - one needs to out-damage enemies in order to survive. For that, a proper weapon is needed.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best Free Fire close range guns in OB35.

1. MAG-7

With mid-range power and a high fire rate, the MAG-7 is more agile than most shotguns. It has a large magazine similar to the M1014, however, unlike the M1014, it has a high fire rate of 53. This is the same tier as an assault rifle, which allows players to rapid fire their deadly shotgun blasts.


Usually, shotguns are balanced by their slow fire rate, which allows enemies to retaliate or run between shots. The MAG-7 removes that issue, making the shotgun deadlier than ever.

2. Vector (Akimbo)

The Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short effective range, but devastating power in close range. Even after all the nerfs in previous patches, the Vector Akimbo is still super strong. With a fire rate of 81, the Vector is the second fastest weapon in the game, just a bit slower than the MP40.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo

Stat-wise, the Vector has a low range. Players need to get close for the gun to work, which is a bit riskier compared to sniping. The smaller magazine size can be a problem as well - 25 is quite low and can run out in prolonged combat. With the Vector's reload speed being only 41, careless discharges could give enemies a chance to retaliate.

3. Kord

Kord gun is the newest weapon among all light machine guns in Free Fire, added as part of the OB27 update. It seems to be a "middle tier" between the M60 and the M249, with average magazine size, damage and fire rate. Currently, the Kord is one of the deadliest close to mid-range machine guns in the game.

Kord Killspark Shinobi Weapon Skin

Overall, the best part about this gun is its special machine gun mode that can be activated by crouching.  It allows the Kord to shoot 3 bullets at the same time and increases its accuracy and fire rate by 25%.

4. MP40

The MP40 is an "all or nothing" weapon that completely focuses on melee combat. In exchange for the highest fire rate amongst all weapons in Free Fire, the MP40 has one of the lowest effective range. Before the Vector Akimbo's release, the MP40 used to be the most popular choice for close range fights, as it has the potential to deal rapid burst damage.

SMG in Free Fire

As it is a fairly old weapon, the MP40 is still really popular. If you are going to use it, try to get stock and magazine attachments to improve its DPS even further.

5. M1887

The Winchester Model 1887 is a large-caliber double-shot shotgun using lever-action mechanics. The shotgun has become iconic for its use in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with the Terminator using it as the weapon of choice. It is the most popular shotgun in Free Fire to date.


Overall, the M1887 is an explosive weapon, with the highest damage stat in the game and 54 armor penetration on top. This makes the gun effective at any stage of the game. The 21 range is actually higher than all other shotguns in Free Fire - you can stand a little bit further and still hit the target.

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